9 Things of Note in March 2019

9 things of note: Joanna's Favorite Things from March 2019. Including Ursa Major daily shampoo, Mrs. Meyers Lilac dish soap, my new favorite top, two must read books and magazines, a great hair mask and cleaning cream, and the best sound machine EVER! #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves

Is it just me or did March practically fly by? Like, how is it already the last week of the month? Bananas. It seemed like you were into this new series, so I’m happy to share more of my favorite products that I’ve tried out in March (especially an Ursa Major shampoo I am loooving). Let me know if there’s anything you think I absolutely must try for next month’s things of note, too!

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9 Things of Note in February 2019

9 things of note: Joanna's Favorite Things from February 2019. Iincluding Staub ceramic baking dish, Elemis jelly exfoliator, Standard Wax candle, pink fuzzy slippers, fancy finishing salt, knit sweater blanket, incense kit, clear shelf dividers, and a new bathroom vanity light!

In case you missed the feedback I received from our most recent reader survey, one key response that I heard over and over was a lack of interest in beauty and fashion in general… which I totally understand! Let’s be real here, I am not a beauty guru and probably never will be. I’m ok with that. But here’s the thing… I still really love trying out new skincare, sometimes adding a piece or two to my wardrobe etc. Also, I’m a pathological sharer, so I feel a need to share anything that I really, truly love (aka the newest exfoliator from Elemis). So instead of individual product reviews, I thought it would help to do one catch-all type of post! Meet my new series: things of note. Each month I’m going to round up my faves in beauty, skincare, home decor, books… anything that has really hit a high note for me that I must must must share with you guys!

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the best Fourth of July sales (for clothing, accessories, & decor!)

the best Fourth of July sales for clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home decor including Nordstrom, Wayfair, The Outnet, Old Navy, and more. #sales #discount #whattowear #summerstyle #fashion

Ever the scout for a good deal, some of my favorites of the year are the good old fashioned Fourth of July sales. There’s been so much research done that indicates this is the best time of year to buy things like swimwear, mattresses, and home decor. And given how many deep discounts there are this year… I can’t help but agree!

source: Layla cork flatform sandals.

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baby shower gift ideas when you know nothing about kids

baby shower gift ideas when you know nothing about kids! #babygifts #giftguide #giftideas #babyshower

Ever notice how I never post about babies and kids here on the blog? That’s cuz I know nothing about them! I’m an only child and my friends are just now starting to have kids, so it feels a bit like I’ve been removed from thats world. But now my best friend is pregnant (with twins, nonetheless) and I’m about to attend my first baby shower next month…. and I had no idea what to give. Yes, there are always gift registries which are supremely helpful, but I like to go rogue and get really cute stuff that no one thinks of. I sort of fell down a rabbit hole searching for baby shower gift ideas, so I wanted to share my findings with you — especially if you’re like me and still so clueless about kids!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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your last-minute holiday shopping guide for Amazon

last-minute Christmas gift ideas (aka all the good stuff you can find on @Amazon). #giftguide #lastminutegifts #christmas #amazon

Admittedly… I have not been on top of my game this holiday season. Somehow I got so caught up in work that I barely made time to get my holiday shopping down, which really has me in a pinch. If you find yourself in the same boat, I have one tip: Amazon Prime (also, #notsponsored). According to the site, if you order by Friday Dec. 22, you’ll receive the gifts by the 24th, so you’ve got a couple days. In the interest of helping out any slackers out there like me, here’s my quick, down and dirty last-minute holiday shopping guide for Amazon that will definitely make it look like you put tons of thought into your list.

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perfect presents for small spaces

perfect presents for small spaces, tiny houses, or people who are obsessed with organization! #giftguide #smallspaces #tinyhouse

So here’s the thing about this gift guide: it’s not the most glamorous. Instead these presents for small spaces provide much needed storage and organization into a tiny home. My theory is that instead of giving a gift that adds to the clutter of a small home, why not give something that is actually functional? With that in mind (and my own tiny bungalow), here are some perfect presents for small spaces:

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perfect presents for the home cook

perfect presents for the home cook or chef! lots of gorgeous, unexpected kitchen, dining, and cooking essentials. Get the full gift guide and shopping list on jojotastic.com #giftguide #christmasgifts #giftsforher #giftsforhim

image source: raw edge porcelain bowls from Terrain

Do you guys cook a lot? I’m sure you know someone who does! I am definitely someone I’d classify as a home cook. I prepare pretty much all of our meals and really take pleasure in doing so. Today’s gift guide is all about the perfect presents for the home cook — but unexpected, really unique gifts. You know, something that he or she may not already have!

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