My Favorite Sources to Shop for Chic Outdoor Furniture & Decor

Shopping for outdoor furniture and decor? Check out my list of the BEST sources including some really great budget-friendly options! Review of CB2, World Market, Article, Urban Outfitters, and Target patio furniture. #outdoorfurniture #outdoordecor #interiordesign #patio #deck

Ever since we entered into quarantine, Sean and I have focused on improving our backyard since we can’t escape to the mountains. I shared a bit about the changes we’re making this year, but one of the biggest changes is updating our outdoor furniture. Ironically, I ordered a larger outdoor dining table so that we could entertain more this summer… that was before there was a global pandemic though. As I’ve shared our progress on Instagram, I’ve gotten lots of questions about my favorite sources for outdoor furniture & decor, so I put together this list for you! I hope it helps you get your outdoor space in tip-top shape just in time for summertime.

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13 Modern Air Purifiers That Aren’t Ugly

13 Modern Air Purifiers That Aren't Ugly! A round up of modern air cleaners with HEPA filters, activated carbon, and more to help with dander, allergies, smoke, and more. #roundup #airpurifier #interiordesign #homedecor

Recently, I conducted a poll on Instagram and tons of people asked me to share a round up that’s similar to my post about stylish humidifiers — but this time about modern air purifiers! I’ve used plants as air purifiers for a while, but with spring upon us, my allergies are terrible. We have the windows open to let in that fresh air, but woof, the pollen!! In case you’re in the same scenario, I thought it would be helpful to share which air purifier I use + round up a few more stylish and modern options for you!

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9 Things of Note | April 2020

Joanna’s Things of Note from April 2020 (including Bloomist, My Ice Roller, the Drinking With Chickens cocktail recipe book, natural nail polish from Terra, CBD cream for back pain & more) #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves #favoriteproducts

Since I took last week off, April’s Things of Note post is a little bit behind. Sorry about that! But there’s so much good stuff in this post… as I was gathering some faves to share, I wasn’t expecting there to be a lot of products to share. Basically, I haven’t been shopping much in quarantine since our budget is pretty tight, but apparently I have enough to fill this post! Funny how that happens… Let’s dig into some of the products I tried and loved this month, including decor from Bloomist, my bff’s new book, and more!

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6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

Are you still looking for Mother's Day gift ideas?? Check out this list of thoughtful gifts for mom from some of my favorite small businesses including Bloomist, The Stemmery, Follain, Good & Well Supply Co., ABLE, and Bloomscape. #mothersday #mothersday2020 #giftideas #mothersdaygiftideas #giftguide #smallbusiness

Hopefully this list of Mother’s Day gift ideas isn’t too late for you! I wanted to share a few small businesses that I love because they offer so many amazing products that would definitely be a treat for mom. It’s also especially important to support small and local businesses now in any way you can! Let’s dig into each one and check out some of my favorite gift ideas for mom this year.

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11 Personal Faves from the Sephora Spring Savings Event

11 Products to Shop for During the Sephora Spring Savings Event! clean beauty products and hair care sale, up to 20% off at Sephora. #beautyproducts #sephora #cleanbeauty #haircare

I’m not sure if you know, but there’s a big sale happening at Sephora right now… as every other blogger has shared. I decided to share a quick post about it because a LOT of my personal faves are part of it. The Sephora Spring Savings Event is a tiered sale where you get a different discount amount and length of time to shop based on the type of account you have. All of my personal faves are on sale right now, so I wanted to round up some and share!

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9 Things of Note | March 2020

Joanna’s Things of Note from March 2020 (including Olaplex, Follain, Vancouver Candle Co. & more) #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves #favoriteproducts

I almost didn’t share this post for March because WHAT A MONTH IT HAS BEEN. But my job is to be a resource for you, whatever that may mean. So I decided to share some things of note that I loved in March, even if we’re not shopping nearly as much. In case you’re in the market for any of these items, I felt it was still important to share my review of these 9 items… especially these new Follain masks! They are soooo good.

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5 Things of Note | February 2020

Joanna’s Things of Note from February 2020. Including ABLE leather tote, Sézane organic cotton sweater, Follain moisturizer, the best glycerin hand cream, and bath and body oil from Comfort Zone. #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves #favoriteproducts

February might be my least favorite month. I always get so overwhelmed by the rate at which it flies by! Literally, it felt like yesterday when I shared my 10 things of note for January. Anywhooo, it’s that time of the month again and I’ve some really good stuff to share (like my new everyday carry tote from ABLE). It’s a shorter list than usual because I was sick for most of the month. But I’m ok with that because I’d rather share things I am super-stoked on than stuff that isn’t that great. Let’s dig in!

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