Our Weekend in the North Cascades

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I always wonder whether you guys are interested in seeing our behind-the-scenes, real life mountain adventures. But here’s the thing: I really want to show them to you! I think it’s so easy to get caught up in everything being perfect and lovely and beautiful on the internet, but part of what I love about video (aka vlogs) is that it’s soooo much more real. So this past weekend, when we went to the North Cascades to do some wedding planning stuff, we shot some video. Get ready to see some of our funny friends, our misadventures, and our second attempt at cross country skiing.

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Behind the Scenes: Styling Your Life Workshop + Retreat

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The countdown to our Styling Your Life Workshop + Retreat is ON! In case you’ve missed my social posts about it, here’s the gist: join me,  former Food & Wine editor-turned-food stylist Maren Ellingboe, and florist Sarah Abare of The Stemmery in Tuscany for 5 days of connection, hands-on styling experience, social media chats, and Aperol spritzes! I was an attendee last year and shot some video, so I wanted to share a bit of behind the scenes footage of the workshop… and answer any additional questions you might have!

P.S. if you book today, get $300 off with code MARZO or $400 off if you book with a friend with code AMICI! Discount valid through March 14, 2019.
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Travel Guide: Venice, Italy

Travel Guide for Venice in Italy including what to see, where to eat, and where to stay and tips for traveling in Venezia. #travelguide #italy #wanderlust #venice #veniceitaly

The final stop on our Italian vacation was Venice… and I have never seen a city like this! I mean, I have definitely been to cities that have lots of water and rivers or even oceanfront property, but for some reason I did not realize that Venice is literally floating on water. When we arrived at the airport to drop off the rental car, I was totally convinced we’d be able to catch a cab to Venice. Uh, nope. Turns out we needed to either take the water bus or rent a water taxi! We splurged on the latter and chalked it up to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. During the entire powerboat ride to Venice, my mouth was basically hanging wide open. I had just never witnessed a city like this before! Without further ado, here is my Venice Travel Guide:

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Travel Guide: Lake Como

Lake Como Travel Guide

After falling in love with Florence, Sean and I headed north toward the Alps to the Lake Como region… and boy, was it magnificent! I will still attest that Florence was my favorite part of the trip, but to Sean, Lake Como was the ultimate dream vacation destination. Aside from the truly stunning and enormous lake, this region boasts jaw-dropping views of mountains and the most darling, charming small Italian towns. If you are an outdoorsy person, Lake Como is definitely the region you must visit while traveling in Italy!

Lake Como Travel Guide

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Travel Guide: Florence, Italy

Florence Travel Guide - Jojotastic

Sigh… take me back to Italy! Even time I write these trip recaps and travel guides, I can’t help but feel wistful for hot summer nights sipping delicious Italian wine and eating giant bowls of pasta. Without a doubt, Florence was my absolute favorite stop during our trip to Italy this summer. There was just something so magical and romantic about the terra cotta roof tiles, the crumbling facades, and the rich, beautiful history. Florence was my third stop during my 2.5 week trip, after Pisa and Lunigiana in Tuscany, and the first city Sean and I got to experience together.

Florence Travel Guide

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Travel Guide: Tuscany & Annette Joseph Styling Workshop

Tuscany Travel Guide

I hope you enjoyed last’s Travel Guide for Pisa cuz today is all about where I visited in Tuscany and everything I learned while participating in Annette Joseph’s styling workshop! While participating in the workshop, Annette showed us beautiful areas of Tuscany that were just too beautiful to keep to myself. I wouldn’t call this exactly a comprehensive guide to that region because there is just so much more to explore… but this is a great starting point, especially if you’re considering taking one of her workshops next year!

Tuscany Travel Guide

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Travel Guide: Pisa, Italy

Things To Do In Pisa - Travel Guide for Pisa Italy including what to see, where to eat, and where to stay in Pisa. #pisa #travelguide #italy #pisaitaly #wanderlust

It’s finally time for my long-awaited travel guides for Italy!

In the coming weeks, I’m planning to share a travel guide to each city we visited during the trip, so be sure to stay tuned for each one. So many readers have asked on social media for me to do trip recaps because either you’re planning a trip to Italy or have already been yourself. Admittedly, it took me way longer to sift through all of my trip notes, photos, and videos to put these travel guides together, but I’m so excited to finally be able to share my trip experience with you! I started my trip to Italy in Pisa and spent 1 day there exploring because the flights were soooo much cheaper if I flew in a day early. It was definitely worthwhile because arriving a day early helped me cope with the jetlag and also start off the trip with some delicious meals and exploration.

Pisa Travel Guide

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