What to Look for When Shopping for Underwear

What to Look for When Shopping for Underwear, tips and tricks from a textile designer and fabric expert to help you be a more informed consumer and better shopper. Information about the pros and cons of different types of fabric, trim, what is a gusset, and more!

I am so incredibly glad that you guys enjoyed last week’s Underwear Thesis kick off post! Because I want to give this project the due diligence it deserves, I am not quite ready to share my first batch of brand reviews. So definitely stay tuned for those… but until then, I wanted to take some time to answer your questions about what to look for when shopping for underwear. I touched on this briefly (haha get it?) last week, but wanted to go into even more detail to arm you with knowledge to make an informed decision!

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Underwear Thesis: My Search for The Most Comfortable Underwear (Part 1)

The Search for The Most Comfortable Underwear Brands Under $60! Join me as I shop for new underwear and talk about all of the features + how to buy underwear. As a former textile designer, I am sharing information about seams, stitching, chafing, underwear construction, the best fabric for underwear and more! Get all of this shopping advice + underwear brand reviews on jojotastic.com #underwear #panties #undies

That’s right… today we’re talking underwear. And most likely not just today, but for a while in the future! About a week or so ago, I randomly posted to Instagram asking for recommendations for new underwear. I wanted something cotton, with coverage (aka a brief or bikini style), and decent quality. What I was not prepared for was the number of women who would ask me to share what was submitted! I got a few submissions, but overwhelmingly the message was that most people don’t actually have underwear they love. Either they are like me and haven’t bought any in years or they just deal with disappointing panties… which got me thinking. What if I just started ordering underwear that was recommended and try them out? And what if I documented each step?? So I started doing that and it’s sort of blown up! I am officially deep in the midst of my #underwearthesis and hot on the trail of finding the most comfortable underwear for women. I got tired of the limitations for sharing my findings on Instagram, so I’ll be sharing regular updates here on the blog. But definitely follow along on IG because I post daily underwear chats (complete with ridiculous drawings of how each style fits my butt). Since this the first post, let’s dig into the why and what!

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