10 Painting Tools You *Need* For DIY Home Renovations


Painting is one of the easiest ways to update your space, so today I wanted to round up all of our favorite home painting tools for your reference.

PAINT SPRAYER If you have a LOT of surface area to paint or simply want to have an expert quality to your end project, I highly recommend a paint sprayer.


MULTI-POSITION LADDER + STEP STOOL When it comes to painting tall walls and ceilings, you’re going to need a good ladder.


EYE PROTECTION, CLOTHING, AND A RESPIRATOR Even if you’re using a paint roller and brush, I still consider it essential to wear glasses to protect your eyes.


PLASTIC SHEETING When we started our first paint project in the cabin, we bought a roll of heavy plastic sheeting to protect furniture, floors, etc.


PAINTER’S TAPE We prefer to keep three widths on hand, 1″, 1.5″ and 2″. This allows us to mask off areas as needed with the correct width.  For example, when we put paper down on the floor to protect it, I used two rows of 2″ tape to create a stronger barrier that would protect our floor from any potential seepage.


AN ANGLED BRUSH FOR CUTTING IN This is definitely a painting tool where I do not recommend cheaping out. Not only does a good brush ensure a crisp, clean line, it also will help your paint go onto the wall better.


HANDY PAINT PAIL It has a comfortable shape that fits in my hand plus a handle/strap, so I don’t actually have to hold the container.



Tap the link to read the full list of paint tools your *need* and find where to buy them!


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