7 Coffee Table Books about Cabins


If there is one genre of books that I could peruse for hours, it would be coffee table books. Especially ones about decor!

My current favorites are books about cabins and the Americana decor aesthetic. So, I wanted to  share a few of my favorites, especially as I tackle another makeover soon in our own cabin (stay tuned!).

Cabin Decor


This book goes so much further than cabins! In it, you’ll find inspiring yurts, houseboats, treehouses, huts and more from all over the world.

Stay Wild by Gestalten


This interiors book is more about the philosophy behind slow living, which plays such a big part of choosing to move to the middle of nowhere and live in a cabin full-time (in my opinion…).

Still: The Slow Home by Natalie Walton


This coffee table book is full of SO much styling inspiration, especially if you’re like me and love to get a peek into people’s collections.

The Maine House by McEvoy, Burwell, and Hackett


This is probably the quintessential coffee table book about cabins. So many of the homes featured are built by hand by the owners and it reminds me so much of our own quirky cabin.

Cabin Porn by Zach Klein and Freda Moon


Think tons of plaid, brightly colored powdercoated metal, and woolen blankets. Max’s decor work is some of my favorites, so I turn to this book often for inspiration.

Modern Americana by Max Humphrey


She’s always such an approachable resource for inspiration and info about renovations and making design decisions with confidence. 

The New Design Rules by Emily Henderson


One of my favorite aspects of this decor coffee table book is that it doesn’t exclusively cover minimalist, modern structures, but instead also includes rustic structures, too.

Hide and Seek by Sofia Borges

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