How We Keep Our White Sofa Clean


With 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 humans, and countless (outdoor) chickens, people think we’re nuts for having a white sofa. And trust me, up until we got it, I would have agreed with them! But now that we’ve lived with a white sofa for over 2 years, I’m happy to report that I have zero regrets.

PERFORMANCE FABRIC Performance fabrics have come a long way and are so beautiful and functional

SPOT CLEANER I use a cloth to clean up anything on the surface of the fabric, then I spray it on. I let it sit and then dab with a clean cloth.

VACUUM I’ve been using our trusty Dyson for years and it’s never let me down.

FLUFFING In between vacuumings, I fluff all of the cushions regularly.

WRAP THE CUSHIONS I think of it as an opportunity to add a bit more interest to our white sofa, while also protecting the upholstery.

LINT AND PILLING I have a tiny, handheld, battery-powered fabric shaver tool that is amazing!

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