How to Make a Hanging Floral Installation


Our goal was to create a pillowy poof of botanical materials in a less-than-natural color palette.

Getting Started...

The key to achieving a wild, overgrown-looking hanging floral installation is to find interesting dried materials that will hold their shape. Choosing foliage with stiffness to it is a very important element.

Color Palette

To achieve the colors we wanted, we used a metallic gold spray paint on the dried stems, an acid green on the ferns, and a dusting of blush pink on the baby’s breath.

green ferns

white baby's breath

Arrangement Colors

blush baby's breath

Dried botanicals (3 bunches)

Plumosa Fern (1 bunch)


Tree Fern (1 bunch)

Baby’s Breath (3 bunches)

To start, decide on if you want to spray color on any of your botanical elements. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area and allow to dry completely before proceeding.


Secure the wire wreath frame to a hook or light fixture with fishing line. Discreetly use tape if necessary to hold line in place.


Next, form a double layer of floral chicken wire across wire frame and zip tie it to the frame to secure it. Trim the ends of the zip ties so they are less visible. Then, form the base structure for the design by placing pieces of the dried, rigid foliage material into the chicken wire.


Once you’ve created your shape with the dried material, fill in the gaps with the ferns and baby’s breath. Take care to add material to the base of the arrangement, as well as the sides, in order to hide the chicken wire and wire frame


If you choose a similar location, please be take caution in turning the light on because you don’t want to create a fire hazard. Instead, opt for other sources of ambient light and/or candlelight for a moody vibe.