How to Transform a Vase to Look Like Textured Clay

I’ve been dying to try this decor hack, so I decided to transform my favorite vase. Here’s the full DIY tutorial + a bit more about this pretty summer tablescape!

Materials: – Glass vase – Baking soda – Water-based paint – Brushes and palette knife – Scrap paper

First, thoroughly wash and dry your vase. Then, mix your baking soda and paint together. Most of the tutorials I’ve seen suggest either a 1:2 ratio or 1:4 ratio of paint to baking soda.

Next, dab on the paint mixture. I started with more distinct swaths of color, then blended.

Once the entire vase is covered, I dipped my brush into more baking soda and packed that into the wet paint. This achieved more of a matte look, which is exactly what I wanted!

Let it sit and dry for at least 8 hours before using it. The result is a beautiful matte finish that looks just like a handmade piece of vintage pottery… but in any color palette and shape you want!

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