The Ultimate Guide to Interior Painting with a Sprayer


All of our best tips, including the exact paint sprayer we recommend using!

WHY WE CHOSE TO SPRAY PAINT INSTEAD OF ROLL For spraying paint, most of the time and energy goes into prepping the space. Using plastic, paper, and tape to cover anything you do not want painted!


CEILING HEIGHT Our ceiling reaches 15′ high, so using a roller would have been incredibly difficult, time consuming, and messy.


THE AMOUNT OF SURFACE AREA NEEDING TO BE PAINTED Another reason we chose to spray paint is because we were basically painting half of the house the same colors and it’s a very open space.


AN INVESTMENT IN FUTURE RENOVATIONS I encourage you to consider how many other projects you could tackle before investing in a sprayer. It could also make sense for you to simply rent one!


IS IT FASTER TO USE A PAINT SPRAYER? The real time-consuming part is preparing to spray. That is where the actual investment in time is greater. It probably took us 2-3 days to get everything taped off, masked, and covered in plastic.


HOW TO PREP FOR SPRAYING PAINT Patch holes and sand Clean Prime Tape Masking Paper Plastic Wrap Remove Doors



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