My Top Interior Design Tips & Tricks


Use flat paint on the ceiling to make the room feel larger


If I could give you one interior design tip, this is it. Basically flat paint helps to trick the eye into thinking a room is taller. Because it doesn't reflect as much light as a satin finish, flat paint is ideal.

Style surfaces and shelves in odd numbers


Grouping items in odd numbers creates visual interest and force your eyes to move around the grounding. Our brains love the mental 'challenge' of the Rule of Thirds and find it to be more dynamic and therefore more interesting. 

Incorporate plants, dried foliage, and flower arrangements


Whether you bring in houseplants to purify your air, add color, or to bring life into a low-light room, this is one of the best ways to add texture. A flower arrangement is also always a good addition!

Sneak in storage whenever possible


Even though our current home is much bigger than our last one, I still make sure to find ways to bring in hidden storage whenever possible. A few examples include a storage bed, chic jewelry storage, and coffee tables with storage. 

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