My Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist + Free Printable

I ended up creating a spring cleaning checklist last year to help me stay on top of it. So today I wanted to break down what and how I clean in our cabin, plus share a printable to help you as well!

That includes the corners of every ceiling, the baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, artwork, picture frames, light fixtures… literally all of the things.

Dust Literally Everything

Every spring, we take a weekend to clean every single window, both inside and out. It makes such a huge difference, especially on a gorgeous sunny day.

Wash the Windows Both Inside & Out

I do this task more frequently than just in the spring, but it bears repeating. For this, I just use an all purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths.

Disinfect Door Knobs and Light Switches

When washing your curtains in the spring, always read the care instructions before washing to make sure you don’t accidentally shrink them.

Wash Bedding and Curtains

Mattresses are expensive and an investment you should take care of.

Flip Your Mattress

Not only do you deserve it, but it will truly help you ‘seal the deal’ after a lot of intense cleaning.

Burn the Good Candle