A Textural Centerpiece Made of Spring Vegetables


Think of this centerpiece as a creative tribute to your springtime farmer’s market!

How I Got Started

I focused on the leafy green vegetables for the shape and fullness of the arrangement, then accented it with different vegetables. 

Carrot tops

Purple broccoli

Arrangement Colors


Purple sprouting broccoli

Dandelion greens


Red radishes

Lacinato kale

Carrot Tops

Green asparagus

Cut off the foliage from the radishes and put a stake into each of them with the root on the opposite end of the stake. Remove the leafy parts of the kale from the part of the stem that would be below the lip of the vase.


Remove the carrot foliage from the carrots and set them aside. Next, clear the broccoli stems of foliage and flower growth. Finally, wash everything. 


Place the flower pillow on the surface of the vase. The kale is the sturdiest and fullest ingredient, so I suggest using it to create the shape. Then, fill in the remaining space with carrot foliage, dandelion greens, and purple broccoli.


I used the greens to create a base and added in my “flowers,” which in this case were the staked radishes, the asparagus, and the purple broccoli. 


After you’re happy with the number of spring vegetables in your arrangement, continue filling in with a few more greens to make sure all of the flower pillow was covered up.