Weekend Wellness | All About Adaptogens

All about adaptogens and the benefits of adaptogens for adrenal fatique! #wellness #selfcare #adaptogens

Superfoods? Superherbs? Supershrooms?! What?

Lately, I’ve noticed the term adaptogens on wellness products, so I thought it would be great to learn more about them and why they’re important to add to your routine. Adaptogens are naturally occurring, non-toxic plants that can help protect your body from mental, physical and emotional stress. An adaptogen will adapt its healing properties to whatever your body needs at a given time, which is so helpful for all the stress we’re under.

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How to Transform Your Home into a Wellness Retreat

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Wellness Retreat #selfcare #wellness #springtime #springselfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcaretips #wellnessretreat

Our tiny bungalow hasn’t exactly been very peaceful lately because of the renovation. But we’re in the home stretch of it, so as soon as the house gets a deep clean, I plan to create a zone inspired by wellness and self-care. I really want to get back on track 100% with feeling my best. Because of this, I’ve already started brainstorming ways to transform our home into a wellness retreat. Here are some ideas I had and I’d love to know what else you’ve done!

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Weekend Wellness: How Lighting Can Help You Sleep Better

How to Change your Lighting to Get a Good Night's Sleep and Sleep Better! #selfcare #wellness #selfcareroutine #sleeptips #sleeproutine #insomnia #insomniatips #bluelight #bluelightblockingglasses #lightbulbs #bedroom #sleephygiene

I know it sounds so simple, but it bears repeating: the type of lighting in your bedroom plays a huge role in how well (or poorly!) you sleep. As someone who’s struggled with insomnia for most of my adult life, I can attest to this. I’ve pretty much inspected every facet of our bedroom in the hopes of maximizing my ability to sleep. With so much research and insight, I figured it was time for me to share with you about changing your lighting can help you sleep better!

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7 Ways to Go Plastic-Free in Your Daily Life

5 Ways to Go Plastic-Free in Your Daily Life #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #nomorestraws #reducewaste

You guys… I am on the warpath! The warpath against plastics, that is. Not only do we try to maintain a low-waste household, we are also working on eliminating plastic usage entirely. With the news that New York is going to ban plastic bags, I felt like it was time to share another post about changes I’ve made to be more eco-conscious in our own home. I hope these tips to go plastic-free your daily life help! I swear, they are easy to do.

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Why You Need to Add Rosehip Oil to Your Skincare Routine

Rosehip Oil, My New Favorite Skincare Ingredient! How to use rosehip oil, the benefits of rose hip oil in skincare. Weekend wellness tips on jojotastic.com #skincare #naturalskincare #organicbeauty #naturalbeauty #wellness #rosehipoil

One of my favorite things to do is fall down the rabbit hole of beauty products. For instance, I’ve been reading more and more about the different ingredients in the skincare products I swear by. One favorite of mine, Osmia Vital Nectar Rose Drops, features rosehip oil, so I started researching that. Turns out that there are tons of amazing benefit to this organic ingredient! Not only is it fab for the face skin, but it is also wonderful in hand creams, body lotions, and more. I’ve actually noticed a big difference in the brightness and texture of my skin, so I wanted to share more with you. Let’s dig into more of why you need to add Rosehip Oil to your skincare arsenal!

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My New Morning Self Care Routine

My New Morning Self Care Routine #selfcare #wellness #selfcareroutine #morningritual #morningroutine #relaxation #slowdown #meditation #fiveminutejournal

Mornings and I haven’t always gotten along. As I struggled with my insomnia, mornings felt like this painful thing… all I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep if I could. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I take after my dad and grandpa more. It’s time to admit that I’m more productive in the mornings and that my day generally goes better if I wake up early. That doesn’t mean I don’t fully enjoy and appreciate sleeping in. It’s just that I’ve learned to embrace being a morning person. And with that comes starting a new habit: my morning self care routine.

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10 Self-Care Ideas for Spring

10 Self-Care Ideas To Help You Celebrate Springtime! #selfcare #wellness #springtime #spring #springselfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcaretips

When did it become March??? This is nuts. I really feel like 2019 is flying by! With each change of season, I try to re-evaluate my self-care and wellness plan. Maybe that means letting a habit go because it doesn’t serve me for the new season… or adding a new idea to my repertoire. Today I am sharing 10 self-care ideas that are inspired by springtime!

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