My Sustainable Loungewear Picks

Work From Home In Style with These Sustainable Loungewear Picks! eco-friendly, ethically made, organic athleisure, sleepwear, and pajamas. Sustainable style, eco friendly fashion. Tips for Shopping for Ethical, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly loungewear. Looking for Stylish Ethical Fashion Brands? List includes reviews of Pact, Lunya, MATE the label, ABLE, Amour Vert & more! #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle #ethicalclothing

I know so many people are sharing posts about loungewear, pajamas, and athleisure clothing… but for me, it felt like a good opportunity to share ethically made options in that category. Especially because I haven’t seen anyone do it yet! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my most recent fashion journey (if you can call it that) involves making more eco-friendly choices. I recently purchased a few sustainable loungewear items and definitely thought I needed to share some of what I found with you! I hope this post inspires you to go green with your shopping, even now.

Source: Lunya Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set
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My Sustainable Cleaning Toolkit

Keep a Clean House With My Favorite Sustainable Cleaning Products & Tools from Grove Collaborative @grovecollab! Plus, new customers can get a free product gift with my code. Get my plant-based and sustainable tool kit including everything I use, how I use it, and why I love it. #cleaning #cleaningtools #sustainablecleaning #plantbasecleaner #AD
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Grove Collaborative. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

With 2 humans, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and currently 6 baby chickens, our house might be small but it can get messy rather quickly. Now, more than ever before, we are focused on cleaning and disinfecting as much as we can — but in a sustainable, earth-friendly way. Today I am so excited because I teamed up with Grove Collaborative, a service I have personally used for years, to share my sustainable cleaning toolkit with you! That includes everything I use, how I use it, and why I love it.

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How to Reduce Food Waste

We made changes in our home to reduce food waste to be more sustainable & conscious consumers. These 6 tips have WORKED & are easy! 6 Tips to Help You Reduce Food Waste At Home. #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #reducewaste #zerowastetips #foodwaste #sustainability

The amount of food that is wasted every day is absolutely astronomical and, quickly frankly, out of control. Especially considering how many people either don’t have access to fresh, healthy produce or can’t afford it. In an effort to be more sustainable and a more conscious consumer, we’ve made some changes in our home to reduce food waste. The EPA has a list of tips, but I wanted to share 5 things that have actually worked for me as well.

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6 Things I Always Buy Secondhand

6 Things I Always Buy Secondhand (Save Money & Live More Sustainably!) including vintage artwork, picture frames, silverware, and more. #thrifting #thriftshopping #secondhand #reuse #sustainability #ecolifestyle

Thrifting is one of my truly favorite things to do. Either with a good friend or solo, nothing can beat a successful trip to my local secondhand store. I love it for a few different reasons, one being the thrill of the hunt. You just never know what you’ll find! Another reason is that it not only helps me save money, but also is a key part of living a more sustainable lifestyle. There are a few things that I typically always buy secondhand, so I wanted to share those with you today. My hope is that if you feel overwhelmed by thrifting, this list will give you a bit more guidance on what to look for.

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My Ethical Style Picks for Spring 2020

Get dressed in style this spring with these 12 ethical style pieces, including eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical clothing, accessories & shoes! Sustainably made clothing, ethical jewelry, shoes, and accessories, Spring 2020 fashion trends. #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle

Ever since my No Shopping Challenge, my buying habits have changed. I have never been especially ‘trendy,’ but I enjoy knowing that the trends are. But that doesn’t always mix with wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The constantly updating fashion industry and seasons is hard to keep up with and has quite an impact on our earth. So instead of a trend round up like I used to share, I wanted to round up my ethical style picks today. To me, each item feels like it will ‘live’ longer than one fast fashion cycle — all while being ethically made!

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5 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine

Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine with These 5 Tips! Reusable and washable cotton pads, upcycling containers, how to make your own skincare, and more! #greenliving #eco #smallspaces #sustainableliving #sustainable #sustainability #skincareroutine #cleanbeauty #wellness #selfcare #cleanskincare #naturalskincare

I don’t know if you actually know this, but I am a huge skincare and beauty buff. I’m not nearly as obsessed with makeup, but skincare… ooooooh boy that’s my fave. It all comes down to self-care. Every night before bet, I indulge in a luxe skincare routine and it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the day. A while back I became aware of how much waste can be generated during this process, so I started researching. Today, I am sharing 5 tips for how to reduce waste in your beauty routine! If you’ve tried something I haven’t mentioned here, let me know, too.

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8 Sustainable & Ethical Lingerie Brands to Know About

Go Green with These Sustainable & Ethical Lingerie Brands! Tips for Shopping for Ethical, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly underwear. Looking for Stylish Ethical Fashion Brands? List includes reviews of Pact, Everlane, Hara, Organic Basics, Cosabella, Hanes, Knickey & more! #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle #ethicalclothing

Have you been enjoying the sustainable style posts I’ve been sharing lately?? I hope so! Today, we’re going below the belt and talking underwear and lingerie! I know that this might come off as a weird topic, but underwear is a manufactured piece of clothing like everything else, so I thought it was worth a deep dive. Plus, have you ever stopped and really put thought into where your underwear comes from? I mean, it touches the most intimate parts of the body, so I’d like to know what goes into making it. During my last closet purge, I decided that from then on I would only purchase sustainable and ethical lingerie. Here are some great brands to inspire you to update your underwear drawer!

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