Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Earth-Loving, Hippie Friend

Sustainable Gift Ideas to Inspire & Encourage an Eco Friendly, Zero Waste Lifestyle! Zero Waste Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2019 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving

Truly, this is one of my favorite gift guides! Not only is it perfect for your hippie friend who is saving the planet one takeaway cup at a time, but it’s also a great way to encourage others to consider the earth in their daily lives. As embracing a more sustainable lifestyle becomes ‘trendier,’ sustainable gift ideas have gotten way more stylish. I will say, I am not 100% versed in the manufacturing processes of these gifts. So if you are looking for a gift that is truly zero waste and eco-friendly, I suggest doing more research. That being said, I curated this sustainable gift guide as a list of thoughtful gifts that I know I’d love to receive, as someone who is eco conscious in my daily life!

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6 Ethically Made Denim Brands You Need to Know About

Looking for Ethically Made Denim? This List Has You Covered! including MUD jeans, Citzens of Humanity, Outland Denim, Reformation, H&M, and ASOS. #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle #ethicaljeans #denim #jeans #ethicaldenim

There’s nothing quite like buying a new pair of jeans, putting them on for the first time, and having them fit like a glove. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what had to happen for those jeans to be made and then shipped to your front door? Well, today I’m continuing on with my series of finding eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable fashion brands and the focus of this installment is — you guessed it — denim. Denim has a bad rap for using tons of water and energy to create a single pair, as well as being made by people who do not get paid a living wage. All of this plays a role in living an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical lifestyle. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite ethically made denim brands!

Image source: Fawcett jeans from Reformation.
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My Best Tips for Hosting a Low Waste Holiday Party

How to Host a Low Waste Holiday Party That Still Feels Luxe & Inviting! #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #reducewaste #zerowastetips #entertaining #dinnerparty #thanksgiving #christmas #holidayentertaining

Even though the holidays are imminent, I am still making efforts to reduce waste in our home and rethink how I entertain. The past year has actually been about building that awareness in our home, so this will be the first true test of those goals during the holidays. As I plan our holiday dinner parties, I have been brainstorming ways to reduce the environmental impact of playing hostess. I hope these tips help you to be more aware while hosting — all without impacting the aesthetic and atmosphere of your party.

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7 Ethical, Eco-Friendly, and Sustainable Shoe Brands

7 Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Shoe Brands! Looking for Stylish Ethical Fashion and Accessories Brands? Check Out These 7 Companies! List includes reviews of Everlane, Rothys, AllBirds, Fortress of Inca, Veja, Coclico, and Nisolo. #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle #ethicalshoes #shoes

New shoes are one of my favorite things in this world. As a fashion blogger, I’m faced with the unique challenge of encouraging people to purchase new accessories, which gives me a lot of power to influence behavior away from mass consumption and fast fashion to ethical brands and investment pieces. Style isn’t the ability to buy, but the privilege of choosing what you want. We all have the power to lessen our impact on the environment with every dollar we spend. Buying from sustainable brands is one of the most important tools you have as a consumer.

When it comes to new shoes, it’s important to shop carefully. From sweatshop scandals to carbon pollution, many mainstream consumer brands aren’t exactly ethical. Luckily, there is a growing number of brands that create fashion-forward designs that are good for your soul and your soles.

Image source: Everlane
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8 Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Handbags

8 Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Handbags! Looking for Stylish Ethical Fashion and Accessories Brands? Check Out These 8 Companies! List includes reviews of Everlane, Stella McCartney, Cuyana, Baggu, Nisolo, Friday by JW Pei, Treasure & Bond, Mat & Nat, Angela Roi. #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle #ethicalhandbags #handbags

Wanna know a fun fact about Joanna? She loves handbags. Early in our friendship, we bonded over her incredible emerald Gucci Dionysus bag. When she approached me to write about handbags, we immediately agreed that the focus should be on ethics and sustainability.

Ever since I watched The True Cost documentary about fast fashion, I’ve been obsessed about knowing whether the people that make our clothes and accessories have fair wages and environmentally safe working conditions. When I’m researching a new bag to buy, I want to make sure the brand thinks about their products and how they are created: ideally, I’d like a bag that’s stylish, and ethically made with as little waste as possible. I also think about cost-per-wear; I’m a big fan of investing in high-quality, ethically made pieces that I can keep forever instead of fast fashion.

The ethical fashion brands on this list make it easier to fill your closet with things that will make you look and feel good.

Image source: Everlane Day Market Tote.
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5 Ethical Fashion Brands I’m Loving Right Now

Looking for Stylish Ethical Fashion Brands? Check Out These 5 Companies! List includes reviews of MATE, Everlane, Reformation, Jenni Kayne, and Amour Vert. #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle

While I absolutely love sharing fashion trends here on the blog (especially with my background as a product designer!), I am leaning more and more toward sustainable style. The root of this was started when I began my No Shopping challenge last year. I became more and more aware of the waste within the fashion industry. This then led me down the rabbit hole of ethical fashion brands — there are SO many amazing ones out there now! Here are 5 that I am loving right now:

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My Big List of Natural Cleaning Recipes

Clean Up Your Home with These Easy Natural Cleaning Recipes! #naturalcleaner #zerowaste #ecoliving #sustainableliving #eco #sustainability #cleaningtools #cleaningsupplies

As I continue to explore sustainability and a zero waste lifestyle, I’ve come to a lot of realizations. A big one is that I usually already have what I need in my pantry, especially when it comes to cleaning supplies. So many of the cleaners I’ve used in the past are harmful to the environment, so I’ve researched and tweaked natural cleaning recipes that I found online. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you because they are just so easy to make!

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