7 Tips for Creating Amazing Designs With Ice Dye

The Ultimate Guide!

Even more helpful tips and tricks all about my most popular fabric dyeing DIY project ever!

With this guide, you’ll get seven easy tips that will help you unleash your creativity and make amazing art-quality pieces using different colors and combinations.

Ice Dying


Start by washing the fabric with a mild detergent and cold water on a gentle cycle. It’s also helpful to pre-soak the fabric for about an hour in warm water and soda ash before placing it in your ice dye mixture.

Prepare Your Fabric Before You Start


Decide on the color scheme for your ice dye project before you begin. Select a variety of bright and complementary colors to create your design.

Choose the Right Colors For Your Design


The ice is what creates the unique patterns and variations in the dye, and the more ice you use, the more movement and variation you’ll see in your design.

Use Plenty of Ice


Try mixing a variety of vibrant hues and see what results you can achieve. Colors like pink, yellow, blue and green work well together, while darker shades give an edgy contrast.

Experiment With Different Color Combinations


When the dye powder is sprinkled onto the ice, it doesn’t fully dissolve until the ice begins to melt, which creates a unique and unpredictable pattern on the fabric.

Sprinkle Dye Powder


This step helps to ensure that the ice dye adheres to the fabric and sets in properly.

Remember to Prewash Your Fabric Piece


After you’ve applied the dye, let the fabric sit for several hours (or even overnight) to allow the dye to fully absorb into the fabric.

Let It Sit

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