My Home Office Setup + Aesthetic Organization Hacks

Get inspired and organized thanks to my organization hacks, storage tips, and productivity tricks!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going. I am so excited to share this peek into my home office setup with you today! Even though we’ve lived in the cabin for over 18 months now, my office has been the last area we got settled. Probably because when we moved in, I immediately had to get back to work! With the help of my friends Better Homes & Gardens exclusively at Walmart, I finally got my workspace organized in a way that the ‘kids’ on TikTok refer to as an aesthetic desk set up. There are tons of little organization hacks in this post, btw!


Because this is my office and where I go daily, my goal was to prioritize form over function. But you know me… it still has to look good! I extended my electric standing desk by adding a storage cubes organizer to the end which holds sketchbooks and publications I’ve been featured in. From left to right, the fabric bins hold my art supplies and tech equipment like chargers, extra cables, etc.


Behind my desk area is a sofa that actually folds into a futon for guests just in case. But mostly, I use it as a place to sit away from my computer where I can focus on other things. For example, I like to sit here as I’m posting things to social media via my phone. It’s also a great spot for the dogs to hang out while I work!

Pro tip: If filing things isn’t your jam, set up dedicated bins for each category in your home office. For example, one bin is dedicated to camera gear, another is dedicated to ribbons, and another is dedicated to office supplies. Be comfortable changing your storage around so that it works for YOU!

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It makes me SO happy to look over and see this super-organized wall of storage in my office. The storage cubes are a subtle textured white, while the fabric bins are an ivory for a tone-on-tone look that I love. Then, I used the surface created by the smaller storage cubes as a tabletop for all of my art supplies.

So what do you think of my newly settled and very well-organized home office setup?? It honestly makes me so happy and inspired. I don’t mind spending hours a day in here, especially because it just feels so ME… and like the best spot to run my small business. Let me know what you think!