My Cozy Puzzle Nook/Breakfast Nook Reveal


Ever since we moved into our cabin, I have sort of been at a loss about what to do with this one spot in our living room. We realized we could transform this awkward space into a breakfast nook. Or as I’ve decided it’s full use is… the puzzle nook!

Before Photos

After we painted and got the living room settled, we used this nook for our Eames chair and a small cabinet that held our emergency supplies.

There are so many details of our breakfast nook, but can we take a second to bask in the coziness?? I absolutely love it so much.


After:  Dining Table

It’s small, but the perfect table for the puzzle nook and we also use this area of the cabin as a breakfast nook, too.


After: Storage Bench

I finally have a place to storage all of the puzzles I’ve thrifted and borrowed, but haven’t done yet. That’s what is stored on one side. On the other side, we have board games


After: Textiles

I opted for two large sheepskin rugs. They are plush and cozy and I loooove them! We still may add cushions one day, but for now the sheepskin is exactly the texture and comfort I’m looking for.


After:  Lightint

I wanted something overhead, but not too far overhead. A pendant light was out of the question because there’s nowhere to mount it. It had to be a wall sconce!

So what do you think of my newly completed puzzle nook/breakfast nook??