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I’m sort of a beauty product nut. I’m not a high maintenance girl, but I like to know what I’m using and be a really informed consumer. So recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to True Nature Botanicals, a gorgeous shop in Mill Valley (just north of San Francisco). Founded by the immensely impressive Hillary Peterson, True Nature Botanicals is practically obsessed with educating their customer and providing the very best possible ingredients in their products. Actually, what they do is more of an art form than anything else.

True Nature BotanicalsFor example, the solid perfumes are created using 100% natural “noble materials” — known to be the purest and most precious in the world. Some examples include orris, tuberose, and liquid amber, so every scent is pure and authentic. While I was in the shop, Hillary treated me to sniffs of each individual noble material and it really opened my eyes (nose?) to how off target my perception of certain fragrances are because of mass production. For example, I typically don’t like rose because I feel it’s too powdery and granny. However when I smelled the noble version, I was awestruck by how lovely and fresh the fragrance was.

True Nature BotanicalsOne of my favorite treats that True Nature Botanicals shared with me is the solid perfume. I don’t ordinarily go for that type of application, but in this instance I loved their reasoning for a solid: Solid perfumes hold natural scents far longer and interact with the warmth of your skin to reveal a fragrance’s complexities. How awesome is that?

True Nature BotanicalsTrue Nature BotanicalsHillary also shared her other line called Pacific Skin Care. We spent some time chatting about some concerns I’ve had about my skin lately and she walked me through a personalized regimen to help get my complexion back on track. I’ve been doing it for about 2 weeks and I’m really started to see results — these guys know their stuff.

True Nature BotanicalsThe next time you’re in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by True Nature Botanicals: 29 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, California 94941 or you can shop online here.

photography by Jojotastic

Disclosure: I received product to review for this post. All opinions are my own, and I would never endorse something I didn’t completely love. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jojotastic going.

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  1. 10.13.14
    Hillary Peterson said:

    Dear Joanna, It was so great to meet you! Your photos are amazing…it is so fun to see our store through your perspective. We are thrilled that you are loving the solid perfume and can’t wait to hear how you do with our skincare products. Warmest, Hillary

    • 10.14.14
      joanna said:

      thank you so much for having me and sharing your vision! xo!

  2. 10.7.14
    Dee said:

    I love being introduced to these types of beauty brands! I’m definitely intrigued by the solid perfumes; hope to try them out soon enough. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Dee |

    • 10.8.14
      joanna said:

      you definitely should! be sure to let me know how you’re liking them :)