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Working for yourself can be weird… some days you’re totally slammed with work, other days you get to play ‘hookie’ and explore. Lately I’ve been treating myself to more days where I step away from the computer and go out into my city. And these outings don’t even have to be a big deal. Every just popping over to a favorite coffee shop is a good excuse to step away from the desk.

a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldbyFor days like this, I opt for pure comfort when getting dressed. Lots of basics and my trusty extra-worn in boyfriend jeans. Oh, and don’t forget the jacket — I’ve been feelin’ this denim bomber jacket when it comes to stylish layering. Let’s be honest here: while it never gets truly cold here in SF, it can get pretty chilly and a t-shirt just won’t cut it. When it comes to shoes, I like a little bit of lift when wearing boyfriend jeans so I can still look feminine — I opted for a pair of my favorite clogs.

a day in the life // @gap #styldbyAnd can we talk about this awesome burn out tee? The sunflower pattern brings back a flood of memories of the ’90s, but in the absolute best way possible. I freakin’ love it. (I might have worn this tee for the past 3 days in a row.)

a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldbyThis city is basically bursting with color, no matter what the season. I always love to scout out all the brightly hued walls.

a day in the life // @gap #styldbyRecently, I decided to unplug and head to Saint Frank Coffee here in San Francisco for a cappuccino and quiet time. This cafe is an absolute must when visiting SF: delicious pastries and coffee, cute boys, and some of the best natural light I’ve ever witnessed. It’s fun to pick a spot and take in all the sights, if you know what I mean.

a day in the life // @gap #styldby a day in the life // @gap #styldbyI’m such an avid reader, but admittedly, I can only seem to make time for reading right before bed… which tends to result in me falling asleep on the pages. When I’m truly engrossed in a book, the best way for me to stay focused on it is to read in a cafe. Does anyone else do this?

a day in the life // @gap #styldbyphotography by Jason Maistyling & art direction by Jojotastic.

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