vintage naked lady painting round up + shopping tips

NSFW warning, you guys! Ha. I got a lottt of interest in my vintage naked lady painting when we revealed the bedroom makeover, mostly cuz I know she’s just so fab. Apparently, I have an ‘eye’ for finding incredible vintage lady portraits. I’ll add it to my resumé. Anyways, if you’d like to add a vintage naked lady painting to your home, here are some really gorgeous options that I’ve found lately + some of my favorite sources to keep tabs on because they are always updating their inventory!

I’m not gonna lie: I invested about $400 in my lady painting. I knew she’d be a piece that I would want in my home forever so I was ok with spending a lot. While you’re conducting your search, be sure to set your price limits from the beginning so you don’t fall in love with a piece only to find out that the price tag is the cost of 6 months of the mortgage. Also, if the listing features an artist’s name, chances are the painting will be one bajillion dollars.

When shopping, be sure to keep in mind the cost of a frame. Mine came framed, which was another reason why I was ok with spending a bit more. A good frame can cost a lot, so if your nude comes framed, that could actually save you some cash!

vintage naked lady and nude portrait painting round up + shopping tips to score the best vintage piece! get all the resources on

There are different types of vintage naked lady painting. I really appreciate more traditional oil paintings because that always feels like a really great twist for my decorating aesthetic. For example, when we did the bedroom, I knew that the traditional vibe of my oil painting in a gilded frame would look amazing against the more modern marble wallpaper. My style is all about juxtaposition, so it really worked for me.

Here are a few that I absolutely love:

  1. 1930s female nude painting
  2. realist nude body oil painting
  3. nude woman oil painting
  4. reclining nude oil painting
  5. Alfred Simonpietri nude
  6. F. Barbier nude
  7. mid-century nude on canvas
  8. half-nude watercolor
  9. nude woman watercolor
  10. Marc-Olivier Gregoire French nude

vintage naked lady and nude portrait painting round up + shopping tips to score the best vintage piece! get all the resources on

There’s also the option of a more minimalist, abstract type of nude portrait. I love when the nudes are portrayed as more of a line drawing, almost like an allusion to the human form.

Here are some really gorgeous options:

  1. framed nude drawing by Ruth Hilts
  2. nude figure painting by Rip Matteson
  3. nude study by M. Decker
  4. pink nude by Laurent Marcel Salinas
  5. ink & watercolor nude
  6. black & white female drawing
  7. Rich Buchwald watercolor nude painting
  8. pair of lithographs by Joseph Begg

vintage naked lady and nude portrait painting round up + shopping tips to score the best vintage piece! get all the resources on

  1. mid-century female portrait
  2. 1940-1950s figurative nude painting
  3. Julie’s figure oil painting
  4. Redmond Stephens nude beach scene
  5. Julie’s side view oil painting
  6. French nude portrait

My top resources for scoring an incredible vintage naked lady painting include:

  • Chairish — definitely use your search filters here. When I’m searching for one, I make sure to apply ‘fine art’ and ‘portraiture’ to help minimize scrolling forever.
  • EBTH — this resource is new to me, but I’ve been loving perusing the listings to see what catches my eye.
  • Etsy — I haven’t noticed many available here, but the ones that are available are really nice.
  • One Kings Lane
  • South Loop Loft
  • Previously Owned by a Gay Man — hat tip to House of Hipsters for turning me onto this site. Some seriously good stuff!

You know where I don’t recommend shopping for a nude painting? Craigslist. Just… don’t.

Top image by Ellie Lillstrom.

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