the feeling of doing it all

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Do you guys get trapped in this feeling having to do it all, all the time? I do… a lot. And lately it’s been really bad. There’s so much to be done, too and I just don’t know when I’ll ever get caught up. There are times when I cry about it and that actually helps a bit. But when the crying has stopped, I just sort of jump back into doing it all, all over again. Right now it feels like there is a ton on my plate: running my own business, navigating taxes, planning renovations, being the ‘breadwinner’ of our household, rehabbing my leg (still)… the list goes on and on. And then I have 23 unread text messages. There are times when I just want to crawl back into bed about it and I know I am not alone in that feeling. I guess what I’m wondering is how does everyone else manage it all? I’m a nerd when it comes to tools to make my life easier; I’m a sucker for a productivity hack. But when the laundry needs doing and we have no groceries and I have to edit a video for another post? That’s when I feel like it all has to happen right this minute and that’s when the panic sets in. Historically I’ve always prioritized work over everything else, but lately I’ve found peace in the mundane. I actually enjoy going to the grocery store or tidying up the house. Maybe it’s a feeling similar to nesting. Those two needs (getting shit done for work and being a homebody) feel very much at odds and I’m struggling to balance the two. I’m not alone in this, right?

Anyways, I just wanted to pop on and have an open dialogue with you guys. It’s been a while and I kind of hate that. I want to share more of what I’m feeling and what life’s been like lately.