Our Wedding Moodboard

Moodboard for our Pacific Northwest x Greek wedding next September in the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle in Washington. #wedding #colorpalette #weddingcolors #bluewedding #seattlewedding #washingtonwedding #mountainwedding #elopement #mountainelopement #greekwedding #weddingplanning #weddinginspiration #weddingmoodboard

Wow, you guys… our wedding is a little less than a year away, so it’s about time that I start making some headway in planning it! So many of you have been involved in our love story, whether it has been following it on Instagram or even providing advice when I was still a single girl figuring things out in Philly. For these reasons and more, it feels really important to me to include you in the planning stages of our very PNW wedding, so I wanted to share a bit of our visual inspiration for the big day and see what you think! Also, I’d love to know if you’re interested in continuing to hear about this stage in our life.

Our Wedding Moodboard

Of course, my first step was to create a Pinterest board to document all of the ideas I wanted to incorporate into our big day! It’s actually been really fun to fall down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and see what other people have done for their wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our ceremony is going to feel much like an elopement because we are keeping it very intimate… because it will be at the top of a mountain! Afterwards, though, we want to have a beautiful reception with more family and friends, dinner, and dancing.

Our Wedding Vibe: PNW + Greek

I am half-Greek, but don’t want a traditional Greek wedding. Instead, we are planning to incorporate a few nods to my Greek heritage, but in a way that compliments our love of the Pacific Northwest. We want the overall vibe to feel a bit wild, very romantic, and whimsical… but still with silly touches that are very much us (like our exit song just might be Gucci Mane).

Stylistically, some of the key textures, materials, and colors are:

  • touches of velvet, especially in navy blue and mustard.
  • lots of twinkly candlelight and cafe lights.
  • mostly white flowers.
  • Pacific Northwest touches like ferns, woodgrain, and mountains.
  • Greek touches like almonds, evil eyes, and olive leaves.

There is still SO much to plan and organize, but wrapping my mind around the aesthetic of our wedding felt really important and like the best place to start. From there, it’s a matter of finding vendors and resources that match with our plan!

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Would you like to hear more about our wedding as we plan it? You know me, I’m an open book so if there is anything else you’d like for me to share let me know down in the comments!