How to Transform Your Home into a Wellness Retreat

Our tiny bungalow hasn’t exactly been very peaceful lately because of the renovation. But we’re in the home stretch of it, so as soon as the house gets a deep clean, I plan to create a zone inspired by wellness and self-care. I really want to get back on track 100% with feeling my best. Because of this, I’ve already started brainstorming ways to transform our home into a wellness retreat. Here are some ideas I had and I’d love to know what else you’ve done!

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Wellness Retreat

1. Assess your lighting.

Can you tell I’m on a big kick about lighting right now? It really is SO important and helps to set the tone for anything you do at home. But think about it: you absorb the light and your brain interprets it in different ways, depending on the brights, hue, and type of light.

In the morning, I use my happy light to help fight the winter doldrums and kick start my brain for the day. In the evenings, I’m always really aware of the amount of blue light I’m around — and I always opt for warmer, rosier lighting.

2. A well-stocked pantry, full of healthy snacks.

This step is going to be HUGE for me when it comes time to turn our home into a wellness retreat. After 9+ months of take out, delivery, and random meals cooked on a camp stove, I am SO READY to use our new kitchen. I literally have grocery lists planned for when I can stock our pantry with healthy goodies. Like… just bring on all of the brightly colored fruits, delicious veggies, protein-packed nuts, and more.

3. Create a quiet place.

I’m someone who adores quiet. It’s literally my favorite thing in the world. Don’t get me wrong, music has a time and a place. But when I truly want to unwind and recharge my batteries, silence does it for me in a big way. Thankfully, our home has great insulation to help keep it quiet. Our windows are relatively new, which helps, too. You can also hang sound absorbing curtains to create a quiet place. Creating a peaceful environment with sound is totally key for me when it comes to meditation, journaling, and general mindfulness.

4. Make your home smell amazing.

You know me, I’m all about making our house smell good all the time. Palo santo, essential oils, diffusers, candles… whatever you enjoy the most, make sure you have a few extras on hand to help set the tone for a DIY wellness retreat atmosphere.

Here are a few of our DIY posts to help make your home smell good:

5. Consider the textures in your home.

Because of my days as a textile designer, I am borderline obsessive about the textures in our home. I looooove a good mix. Linen, cotton percale, woven textures, wool pillows, velvet… give it all to me. Whenever I take time off to really connect with myself, I find that my senses are all totally heightened. So it would make sense that embracing texture is key to wellness.

I’d love to know what else helps you make your home feel like a wellness retreat!

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