Source List: My PNW Cabin Living Room Decor

Links to everything in our living room!
Full Source List: Every Decor Item & Furniture Piece in Our PNW Cabin Eclectic Scandinavian Inspired Living Room

Can I just say how happy I am to have finally revealed our cabin makeover?? My inbox and DMs are flooded with questions like where we got the pink rug, where the arc lamp is from, etc etc. So I thought the best way to get it all in one place is to share a full list of every single thing in our living room! I’m deep in the throes of redesigning my website and subsequently having a page dedicated to the sources of everything so that it’s easier for you to shop. But until then, I hope this list helps!

Full Source List: Every Decor Item & Furniture Piece in Our PNW Cabin Living Room

As always, please note that a few of these items have been gifted to me. I have indicated that with an asterisk * next to the name of the product. As usual though, I am only sharing what I have absolutely loved and would spend ‘real money’ on regardless.


Even though we moved into a much larger house we’ve been able to make most of our furniture work for the new space. When it came down to furnishing the living room, pretty much everything made the cut from our bungalow living room! I still very much love our sleeper sofa, but it sort of feels small for the space. Sean has dreams of a big leather section, so you may see that change one day. If that happens, I’m going to figure out a spot to put our sleeper sofa for future guests!


There is a LOT of artwork in our cabin living room! I was really intent on creating a focal point along the back wall with an epic gallery wall. It makes me so happy to finally see all of the pieces I’ve collected over the years together and on display. Plus, I plan to keep adding to the wall as I source more vintage pieces.

Be sure to read my tips on how to shop for affordable vintage art, too!

  • tiny painting of flowers – Poshmark
  • field of hay rolls – Poshmark
  • large mountain painting – Goodwill
  • large metal anchor – Jinxed
  • sailboat painting – by Miriam James*
  • flowers and stein still life painting – Poshmark
  • old man portrait – Etsy
  • mountain painting – eBay
  • painting of Lucy by Sara Purr
  • pastoral landscape – Etsy
  • humming bird print, one of a set of 3 – Poshmark
  • bison skull from a random shop in Wyoming

Decor & Textiles:

The biggest textile change we made was installing custom shades that are insulated. They help keep out the drafts, while also making the windows look much more polished and put together. They definitely make the space feel more intentional and grown up!

As for pillows, I played with mixed prints and patterns, mostly plaid. There’s just something about plaid that feels totally perfect for a PNW cabin, huh??


I’d like a dollar for every time I’ve been asked about the pink and green rug! Jokingggg. It’s vintage, but was so affordable and the Etsy shop I linked has SO many amazing options that are similar. Once our bedroom makeover is revealed, I have a HUGE post planned with 3 really incredible rug shops you must know about.

Door Hardware:

Door hardware is literally jewelry for your home and I loved our Grandeur Hardware so much from the bungalow that I HAD to get some for the cabin as well. It’s incredibly well made and the design options are truly special. I have a few posts coming to help guide you through the process of selecting door hardware and hinges.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that I labored over every lighting decision in our cabin’s living room. Lighting is so incredibly important to any space, but especially here where it can get REALLY dark at night Plus, I’m a big proponent of soft, sexy ambient lighting, so I had to get it juuuust right. I also wanted to splurge and invest in a few really key pieces that I’ve loved for a really long time.

Paint colors

I know I just talked about the paint recently, but here’s a breakdown of each color!

  • Dunn Edwards Evershield Exterior Eggshell/Low Sheen in Ecological (DE5719)* — we used this for windows, doors, bookshelf, closet interiors
  • Dunn Edwards Everest Eggshell/Low Sheen in Birch White (DEW329)* — we used this for walls, ceilings, and the baseboards

If you’re looking for the source of anything else in our PNW cabin living room, leave a comment on this post and I’ll update it!

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