5 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Bedding Brands

We spend one-third of a day in bed and quality sleep is super important for overall health and wellness. Through my lifelong journey with insomnia, I’ve realized that making my bed my favorite place in the whole world helps me want to sleep. Naturally, bedding is the foundation of a cozy night’s sleep. Joanna kindly asked me to use my knowledge of sustainability to break down about a few brands that make eco-friendly bedding. In this post, I’ll cover what makes a brand sustainable, what to look for when you’re shopping, and the five brands that are doing sustainable bedding well.

What makes a brand sustainable or ethical?

Ethical brands are conscious and intentional about their manufacturing to reduce waste and pollution, use sustainable materials, provide transparency in their supply chain, and fair labor practices.

When I’m shopping, I look for brands that have values that align with mine: passionate about the environment, human rights, low/no carbon emissions, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced fabrics. I look for brands that are also doing good for the planet too. For example, Buffy plants four trees for every three harvested. To learn more, Good On You has put together a helpful article explaining what makes a brand ethical.

Shopping tips for sustainable sheets

Shopping for sustainable bedding can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Organic fibers like cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus, and hemp. All-natural fibers tend to be more breathable than synthetic fibers. If it has viscose, avoid it.
  • GOTS Certification. Looks at every stage in the supply chain from seed to store to make sure it’s good for the environment. GOTS takes into account the environmental impact of every facility, the health, safety, and wellbeing of its handlers throughout the supply chain. GOTS offers traceability of products and accountability for brands.
  • OEKO-TEX® certification which promises that the product has been tested for harmful substances.
  • Fair Trade Certification which ensures workers are treated well and paid fairly.

5 Brands With Sustainable Sheet Sets

  • Brooklinen
  • Parachute
  • Pact
  • Buffy
  • Magic Linen


Ethics | Transparent supply chain, GOTS Certified, made with Organic Cotton

Joanna is a huge fan of Brooklinen and is constantly telling me how much she loves her Classic Percale striped sheets. Brooklinen’s sheets are OEKO-TEX® certified against harmful chemicals and of made organic cotton or flax linen. Brooklinen’s direct-to-consumer business model includes complete transparency of their supply chain, which reduces carbon emissions and textile waste.


Ethics | Oeko-Tex certified, free from toxic chemicals, manufactured by artisans

Parachute is another direct-to-consumer bedding brand, made in a family-owned Portuguese factory using long-staple Egyptian cotton and linen from European flax. Sheets are available in a variety of comfortable fabrics that all promise the same high-quality that Parachute is known for. With an OEKO-TEX certification, Parachute also makes ethically made premium home goods with design and quality in mind, like robes and rugs. Read Joanna’s Parachute review here.


Ethics | Organic, GOTS Certified, Fair Trade Certified, B Corp

I first heard of Pact after reading Joanna’s underwear thesis. Upon further investigation, Pact also makes sustainable bedding with organic cotton. Pact doesn’t use harmful pesticides and fertilizers, and there is little to no water pollution in its manufacturing. Pact’s Room Service organic sheets are silky with a cool-touch feel and resist wrinkling. True to its name, Pact’s Favorite Tee organic sheet set feels like a cozy t-shirt.


Ethics | GOTS Certified, made with organic cotton

Buffy has a mission statement that promises “home goods for the home planet” and that’s a cause I can get behind. Buffy offer’s two sheet sets in Eucalyptus or their ultra Soft Hemp. Buffy’s signature eucalyptus fabric is OEKO-TEX certified uses 10x less water than cotton to grow. The Soft Hemp sheets have a similar hand-feel to flax linen, but made with hemp. Plus, hemp absorbs 5x more C02 from the air than trees.

Magic Linen 

Ethics | OEKO-TEX Certified, transparent supply chain, made with organic linen

Magic Linen makes all kinds of chic, eco-friendly linen home goods and clothing. Made with sustainably sourced linen and then stone washed for maximum softness, Magic Linen bedding is a cozy dream of linen. Linen is highly breathable and moisture-wicking with a wrinkled, casual look. Like all natural fibers, these linen sheets will get even softer with wear and washing. Also, I want everything Magic Linen sells.

Brooklinen bedding, blanket, and wiener dog

And one more thing, do you sleep with your dogs in bed? And have you tried any of these sustainable bedding brands? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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