Our 2024 Cabin Renovation Goals + 2023 Recap

Basically your sneak peek into what to expect on the blog this year!
2024 Cabin Renovations + 2023 recap - jojotastic home renovations. olive green bedroom with vintage wooden cabinet, rattan snail, eames lounge chair, vintage sheepskin and white schoolhouse lamp

Happy 2024, friends! I felt like it would be fitting for my first post of the year to be all about my 2024 renovation goals for our cabin. I love writing this post annually because it helps to keep us on task with what we really want to do here, but also so you can look forward to some of what will be posted on the blog! Plus, it’s a good time to see how we did with our 2023 cabin renovation goals. Let’s dig in!

light blue bathroom, small primary bath with linen shower curtain and harlequin checkerboard peel and stick floor tiles

2023 Cabin Renovation Recap

I always enjoy reflecting on our past goals before establishing fresh ones. Let’s take a brief look back at what we achieved in 2023:

Another Primary Bathroom Refresh

2023 was the year I decided I couldn’t handle the orange bathroom any longer! I re-painted it (for the third time) to a lovely shade of light blue called Marine Layer (use JOJO15 for 15% off). Plus, I updated it with a traditional flat white ceiling. It’s been a very welcome reprieve for my eyeballs.

I also installed peel & stick floor tiles in a harlequin checkerboard pattern. That was QUITE the undertaking for me since it really relied on my patience and attention to detail… some traits that I frequently lack. And you can probably see from the photo above that I have yet to finish the floor. More on that later.

Expanding My Vegetable Garden & Landscaping

2023 was also the year of landscaping! I began the process of transforming our front yard into a flower-filled oasis. It’s still very much a work in progress which a ton more to be done this year. I want to add a dahlia-specific flower bed, plus cut-and-come-again flowers. I also have an idea for a living privacy screen, a fire pit area and maybe even improving our front porch.

Refreshing Our Primary Bedroom

Last year was also the year I decided our bedroom wall color just was not it for me. It had been bothering me for a while, nearly a year, so I finally did something about it. I chose a custom color that I call Big Moss Energy and I absolutely adore the update. The space finally feels more special and closer to what my dream bedroom is. Now I just need to convince Sean to get onboard with painting the ceiling…

I’m working on putting together a full blog post about the bedroom by the way! It’s still got some finishing touches that aren’t there quite yet, but I am loving the evolution and how restful it feels now.

Before and after makeover reveal: my cozy puzzle nook and breakfast nook in our colorful PNW cabin

Creating a Puzzle Nook

I also finally utilized the awkward corner of our living room and turned it into a cozy puzzle nook! From faux built in benches to finding a home for my marble table from the bungalow, this project really pulls the entire space together. I use it all the time and just love it so much.

Moving Our Laundry Area to the Bathroom

Another project we tackled was moving our washer and dryer area to a giant, unused nook in the guest bathroom. Eventually I want to use the old laundry closet area to add square footage to our primary bathroom, so this swap was crucial in that! I love having the machines in this room now and not feeling like I’m going to trip on the steps. I’d like to add a counter on top of them eventually so it’s more like a vanity surface.

2024 Cabin Renovation Goals:

One Big Renovation: Either the Kitchen or a Bathroom

In years past, I’d be like LET’S DO THEM BOTH IN THE SAME YEAR! But alas, I am older and wiser now and my knees hurt if I spend too much time working on renovation projects. So this year, I am going to pace myself and focus on only one big renovation project — either our cabin’s kitchen or a bathroom.

If we do the kitchen, I actually already have a TON of ideas that just need to be refined a bit. It would, of course, be a DIY affair, but that’s ok in my book. I’m leaning toward tackling the kitchen this year over a bathroom for a few reasons. First, I cook 3 meals a day, every day because we are so remote. There is no takeout option. And our kitchen is crumbling around us. So to have a functional space where I can cook all of our meals would be such an improvement for day-to-day life.

2024 Cabin Renovations + 2023 recap - jojotastic home renovations

Second, the kitchen is very central to the rest of the house, as you can see. When I’m sitting on the couch, I can see it. And you can definitely see it from the dining room. And it’s SO ugly. Especially the fridge just hanging out there! The biggest challenge is the flooring because it goes under the cabinets. It feels silly to install new cabinets without changing the floor… but if we do the floor, we’d have to do the floor throughout the entire house! And that’s a way bigger project that I am emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared for.

Why We Moved Our Washer & Dryer to the Bathroom + Our New Laundry Nook with Samsung Bespoke washer and dryer

The other big renovation project I’m considering is our guest bathroom + laundry room. The peel & stick floor is holding up shockingly well, but I’m ready for the guest bathroom to be more finished. Also, the shower situation sucks. It’s really dark and when you step into it, the bottom of the tub is actually lower than the floor so it’s a bit disorienting.

I’ve also never renovated a bathroom before, so there is a bit of appeal to the idea of learning new skills like tilework. And, of course, some intimidation!

Which of the two big projects do you think I should tackle??

Actually Finish Projects:

Big renovation projects aside… my #1 priority this year is to actually finish my projects. I have started and stopped SO MANY here in the cabin, mostly in spots you don’t see… but it’s time to actually finish things. I used to be someone who always finished projects, but somewhere along the way that’s changed. I like to jokingly blame Sean.

Here’s a quick list of what needs to be done:

  • finish installing the peel & stick floor tiles in the primary bathroom
  • paint touch ups in primary bedroom
  • paint new cabinets by front door
  • paint and install outlet covers and switch plates in office/gear room and primary bedroom
  • patch holes from hanging art
  • fix step in bedroom
  • sand down doors and repaint
  • finish painting primary bedroom doors
  • lighting on catwalk upstairs
  • flooring in guest bedroom

I feel like that list is WAY too short and that there are so many other tiny projects that I haven’t finished that should be on it… I’m even considering creating a challenge or some sort of weekly check in here on the blog and on my Instagram to try to keep myself accountable. And I know I’m not the only one who has partially-completed projects floating around… would you be interested in participating??

Let me know what you think of this pared down, but still somewhat long list of cabin renovation goals for this year!

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  1. 1.19.24
    Kimberly said:

    I need to clean out my inbox and file emails to quiet my mind in order to focus creative energy on the big stuff, so I am in Camp Becca. Check off tasks on your to-do and then tackle that kitchen project! Part of my suggestion is selfish, as I have a kitchen remodel brewing, and I’d love to learn pro tips and tricks from you!

    • 1.22.24
      Joanna said:

      Your comment may be my new fave?? I definitely do need to finish these projects, just last night I was looking at the naked outlets in my bedroom and shaking my damn head. I should probably finish that all before gardening season starts again, too huh…

  2. 1.19.24
    Hannah Berry said:

    Obviously I’m gonna vote KITCHEN!!! :) Your last kitchen was sooo good and I can’t wait to see what you do with this one.

    • 1.22.24
      Joanna said:

      aww thank you Hannah!!! I’m really excited by the possibilities of the one out here!

  3. 1.19.24
    Becca said:

    I hate to be the buzzkill, but finish your to-do list… then start the kitchen!!!!

  4. 1.19.24

    Kitchen! Your kitchen in Seattle turned out so dang gorgeous I want to see what you will do with this much bigger space.

  5. 1.19.24
    Elizabeth Wilmeth said:

    Kitchen you deserve a better space

    • 1.19.24
      Joanna said:

      truuuuuuuth! thank you for that reminder!

  6. 1.19.24
    christine said:

    My vote goes for the kitchen, mostly because I have felt the kitchen has been a pain point for awhile (I recall a fridge dance). The bathroom is in a spot where it’s working, but ultimately, what is wiggling at your brain more?
    BUT *takes off my ADHD hat, puts on a project manager hat* finish your list, first!
    (…I say that as someone who has been living in the same space for 10+ years with half the doors that haven’t been repainted.)

    • 1.19.24
      Joanna said:

      THE FRIDGE DANCE! what a repressed memory. i’m leaning towards kitchen, but not until it’s much warmer out so I can grill when we don’t have a functional cooking space 😂 that would give me time to do the list… right?? I might need a project manager.

      • 1.25.24
        christine said:

        Baha sorry if I brought back unwanted memories! Excellent plan to wait until you can cook elsewhere. The little projects (outlet covers, patching holes, finishing the peel & stick) are totally cold weather projects! Pick one a weekend/week or something to finish. It might not feel like accomplishing much each weekend, but it won’t feel overwhelming, either.

        • 1.25.24
          Joanna said:

          ok now you need to check out my newest post from today about the bedroom projects 😂

  7. 1.19.24
    Kate Hunka said:

    I vote Kitchen! Since you see it from everywhere, it’ll be a huge visual (but also mental and physical!) relief when it’s beautiful and functional. Plus you’ve done it before and probably already know exactly what you want… bust it out! The bathroom can wait!

    • 1.19.24
      Joanna said:

      see the thing is that there are so many possibilities for the kitchen… so I must explore *all* of them before I can make a decision, naturally 🤦‍♀️

  8. 1.19.24

    I dont believe you one bit hahaha you’re going to do both. I mean i know you, like not know you know you but know you. So good luck and can’t wait to follow along xo

    • 1.19.24
      Joanna said:

      THE ACCURACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but also thank you so much for your kind support)

  9. 1.18.24
    Jennifer said:

    I vote for the kitchen! You gave all the good reasons in your post. And yes to a weekly “let’s finish things around the house” accountability thing for you and we, your followers. I certainly need this.

    • 1.19.24
      Joanna said:

      i’m really struggling to commit to the weekly accountability… naturally 😂

  10. 1.16.24
    Rosemary Morgan said:

    I would Finish all the projects in that list BEFORE doing anything else. I would then do the bathroom project. Remember you still have animals and gardening to do, too. Make it easier to enjoy life a little. Give yourself some Grace. And be planning the most Bitchen Kitchen for 2025! 🌹

    • 1.16.24
      Joanna said:

      true trueeeee. I just really hate our kitchen and it’s lack of functionality SO much :P