look what i did!

Ok, so I design for Anthropologie… which has been my dream job ever since I can remember. I joke that I get to draw and paint all day, but that’s kind of, sort of what I do get to do all day. I am really excited about what I do and so very lucky, so here’s a little series I like to call “Look what I did!”

Ever since a furniture design studio my senior year in college, I have loved furniture design, but in my career I just didn’t get the chance to work on any pieces. However, last fall {after only working at Anthro for a few months!} I got my chance to design that bed there on the right. That thing was my baby. I stressed over each curve, wanting it to be just right. At first it was supposed to only be a headboard, but at Anthro, we love what we call a ‘statement piece’ and suddenly, the headboard evolved into a full-blown bed! Then, a few weeks later, I got to do the upholstery for that sofa on the left. The photos were taken in Venice by my team member, then I manipulated the images and laid gold architectural drawings over it. The finishing touches are the turned raw wood legs.

Each of these pieces was a labor of love and I am beyond happy to finally be able to share them with people!

images via Anthropologie’s fall catalog