goals for 2015 + moving back to Seattle

I think at this point, when I say I’m moving somewhere people just shrug and ask what else is new. Yes, I move a lot, but this time, I’m the one choosing the move. It’s not for a company, it’s not for a boy — it’s because I feel like being in a place I love, one that feels like home. Originally I wanted to write this post about the goals I’m setting for 2015, but those are tied so closely to this move that it just feels right to discuss both. Basically, moving back to Seattle is the first step in helping me to achieve these goals and here’s why:

San Francisco is expensive. Yes, I moved here knowing that little tidbit, but I also had a full-time job on top of all the freelance and blogging that I do. The fact is that I wasn’t planning on getting laid off. I’m incredibly proud of the success I’ve had with this blog and have fully committed to going my own way, including setting up my LLC last year. With all that being said… it makes zero sense for me to pay so much in rent every month for a tiny space where I barely have room to work and create. By paring down my expenses significantly (we’re talking about decreasing my rent by almost half), I will have so much more freedom… and savings.

I desperately need an office. Planning and executing photoshoots in 500 sqft while also living there is close to impossible. I’m excited to announce that I’ll finally have a real, live desk space as part of the 95 Yesler collective with my good friend Cassandra from Coco + Kelley. I cannot wait to actually have some space in which to get creative.

I just want to create things that are meaningful to me. When you’re constantly worried about paying exorbitant rent, you tend to do anything to make a buck. For me, this has meant taking on work about which I’m not super passionate or maybe wasn’t the best fit for my aesthetic and brand. I just… do not want to do that anymore. Also, I want to create for the sake of creating, even if that means it’s not sponsored content. For example, I’ve always wanted to explore the art of flower arranging, always. One of my goals for 2015 is to provide you guys with content that I create myself just because I feel like it, while also partnering only with my absolute favorite brands in meaningful ways.

Give myself a time out. I have some bizarre work habits and one of which I am painfully aware and desperately want to change is my tendency to get hyperfocused. Most of the time, I am so focused on work and getting things done that I don’t do the basics, like eating. I’m not joking. It’s especially bad because my desk is across the room from my bed, so I wake up and immediately start working without even thinking about it. A personal goal this year is to make myself take at least one major time out every week. Maybe it’s a field trip to a museum or a spontaneous ferry boat ride to Bainbridge Island or even an hour spent perusing the amazing Seattle Public Library. I really need to break out of my bubble and see more, away from the glowing rectangles (my nickname for computer and phone screens).

Learn a few new things. I feel really stagnant, sort of like I just do the same stuff day after day. Probably because I’m just constantly working. It’s time to take action and do the things I’ve always wished I could do: I want to take a ceramics class; I want to brush up on my Greek; I want to camp more.

goals for 2015 + i'm moving back to Seattle!  see more on www.jojotastic.comThose are just a few of my reasons for the move and goals for the year. I’ve truly enjoyed my time in SF, especially the food and adventures, not to mention the incredible friends I’ve made. Believe me, leaving was not an easy decision, but at the end of the day this move feels like the right choice for both myself and my business.

photography by Danfredo Photo + Film — see more of their road trip here.

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Joanna Hawley-McBride is a Pacific Northwest-based social media strategist, content creator, and former textile designer. Joanna is the founder and editor-in-chief of Jojotastic, a lifestyle blog focused on Joanna’s work-in-progress cabin, finding the best pair of underwear through #UnderwearThesis, and empowering women to explore nature — all in her signature unfiltered style. Her work has been featured in Domino, CNBC, and Eating Well.

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  1. 6.1.15
    Judy Taylor said:

    It is really exciting that you decided to move back! I did kind of the same before few years so I understand you! If you don’t feel good at one place anymore you should go wherever feels right! Have a smooth move!


  2. 5.21.15

    I think that you took the right decision! It is very important to live somewhere where you feel good and where the place gives you more opportunities to grow. Good luck with the move! Thank you for sharing! Greetings!

    • 5.22.15
      joanna said:

      thanks so much for your encouragement!

  3. 2.24.15
    Emily Lombard said:

    Oddly enough I just went through so many similar things when I decided to move back to America. Thanks for sharing your blog!

    • 2.24.15
      joanna said:

      glad that you found it! thanks for sharing your story :)

  4. 1.19.15

    Woohoo! I just read this Joanna and I’m thrilled to have you in my city. When you’re here and settled, let’s meet and find a way to work together. (Side note: Rivet & Sway used to be in the office right next door to Coco + Kelley, and we worked with Danielle Bellert a lot, who I think still shares space there. Small world.) I started a new brand agency last Oct — States of Matter — and I’m always looking for ways to connect my clients with incredible talents such as yourself. Have a safe move and I’ll see you soon!

  5. 1.9.15

    well damn guess i’ll be visiting you in Seattle instead! Congrats, when are you actually moving?

    • 1.12.15
      joanna said:

      haha thanks lady! i head north feb. 27!

  6. 1.9.15
    Kimberley said:

    Gurl, I’m feeling ya on this. Not wanting to sink so much into this unreasonably high rent, wanting a space outside my home to create, and the yummy unknown excitement of possibility and making meaningful work. Wishing you all the best up north; I’m totally bugging you the next time I pass through. xoxo

  7. 1.9.15
    Arthur Viente said:

    Follow your passion Joanna and.just try to enjoy the moments. I’ve been keeping an eye on you since we had a conversation a few years ago in the Blissliving Home conference room, and very happy to see how much you’ve grown into an independent women, and allowed yourself to explore and grow. You are an incredibly gifted artisan, and sharing your vision is your natural path. Best wishes to you with your move, and you know you can always call if you need anything. Say hello to Seattle for me. :)

    • 1.9.15
      joanna said:

      thank you SO much for the encouragement, arthur. i love how you’ve followed me through the years and offered advice as i go. can’t wait to tell you about my next chapter.

  8. 1.8.15
    Susan said:

    Happy New Year Joanna! I’m so excited for your move + all the exciting things happening for you! The 95 Yesler space looks AH-mazing. Jealous. ;)

  9. 1.8.15
    Erica said:

    Yay! Welcome back!
    I adore 95 Yesler – it’s such a beautiful space filled with creatives :)

    Though I moved here for a boy (and things didn’t work out with him), I’ve spent the last year making it for myself and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! … at least for now ;)

    • 1.8.15
      joanna said:

      thank you! i’m so excited to be part of such an amazing collective.

  10. 1.8.15
    Kate Miss said:

    How exciting!! My husband and I have a long term plan of moving there eventually, but then I got this job and things have changed, but I miss it too much for it to keep me away for too long! Good to know more awesome people will be there when I ever do.

    • 1.8.15
      joanna said:

      you must must must come back! and let’s hang the next time you visit!

  11. 1.8.15
    Katie Oakes said:

    Good for you! The part of your post about being able to pick projects that you love really hit home for me – I too went freelance/consulting last year, and have had to pick up a few things for the sake of the paycheck, which hurts a bit. Yay for your move (I’m a native PNWer, so I’m a bit partial!) and enjoy your freedom! :)

    • 1.8.15
      joanna said:

      thanks so much for the encouragement, katie! it’s good to have another PNW-er on my side ;)