a spring day on the beach

No matter what the weather, there’s one constant: the dog always needs a walk. Noodle, although small, generally requires at least a couple of good romps a week and sometimes I like to ‘surprise’ him with a spring day on the beach. You can probably tell… the sun didn’t exactly cooperate this time, but that’s no matter, we had fun anyways.

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldby My skin longs for the warmth of the sun, especially during springtime. This season holds such promise, especially the one of warmer days to come. Until then though… I embrace layering in a big way.

I’m usually that girl who doesn’t follow ‘rules’ when it comes to dressing in a seasonally appropriate kind of way. I’m so over winter right now and longing to wear dresses. Layering a leather biker jacket over a dress is a great way to transition your wardrobe into spring’s fickle ways. The floral print of this fit & flare dress has a great spring time feel, don’t you think?

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldbyOne rule of thumb: always carry a beanie. Did anyone else’s mom tell them that 45% of your body heat is lost through your head??

Another rule for spring time beach walks? Wear appropriate footwear. I prefer waterproof galoshes + frilly kneesocks for a flirty, romantic look (hey, what if I run into some hotty surfers?).

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldby a spring day on the beach @gap #styldbyI swear, despite his serious face in these photos, Noodle adores a good romp on the beach. Our beach dates are best spent with him running off, kicking up sand as he goes. He also does this really adorable thing where he rolls around on the warm sand to scratch his back. Those little flippers can only reach so far, I guess.

a spring day on the beach @gap #styldbyphotography by Jason Maistyling & art direction by Jojotastic.

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