moodboard // desert vibes

Lately I’ve been rethinking a LOT of what I post here. There are some columns that are going to be discontinued and some I want to add or even bring back. Something I’ve really missed is creating moodboards — I just really, really love telling a visual story through images that relate, but aren’t the same.

First up, I’m feeling some deep love for the desert. I’d like to think it’s not the influence of Coachella (not exactly my jam), but let’s be real here: this time of year brings an influx of crochet, macrame, flowy tops, and flower crowns. It just does. So I’m embracing it, from the safety of my cozy loft in Seattle. The colors are sun faded, the textures are pulled straight from mother nature, and the look is all about casual layering. As the days get warmer here in Seattle, I can’t help but get excited about summer. I know…. easy, tiger.

get the vibes for yourself:

images via: Nylon via Fashion Gone Rogue, Kwongho Lee via Honestly WTF, So It Goes via Fashion Gone Rogue, rug from Wooly, and AnOther.