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Oh, social media… I have quite the love/hate relationship with it — who doesn’t these days? I think what makes me struggle the most is just how unattainable everything looks, especially on Instagram. The right filter, the right caption, everything is so… perfect. It feels stifling, especially when I really just want to post something goofy or maybe even drop an f-bomb or two. I think this is why I’ve embraced snapchat so much, especially recently. These quick little blips feel like the best way to share my personality with followers in a more relaxed environment. After all, whatever I post goes away within 24 hours!

why i love snapchat jojotastic.com @jojotastic


A lot of the time, I like to give sneak peeks about what I’m shooting or working on — especially when my editorial assistant Gwen is in the studio. We often have funny little adventures and it feels like snapchat is the best way to share those. These days, I have so many projects and shoots in the works that snapchat is rapidly becoming my favorite way to share rough ideas. Because, again… it doesn’t have to be perfect.



And then there are the gratuitous selfies. I know, I’m shameless… but it’s just really fun to add a quirky caption. If anything, I think what I appreciate most about snapchat is that my followers actually see ME, the real me. I’m sarcastic, a bit crass, kind of always stressed out, and have a really obnoxious laugh. That doesn’t seem to come across in any other form of social media. Add to that a limited number of filters and all you can really get is realness. No photoshopping thigh gaps or blemishes, no perfectly balanced white. You can actually have FUN. No overthinking!

why i love snapchat jojotastic.com @jojotasticwhy i love snapchat jojotastic.com @jojotastic

I’ve also been working on my loft a TON in preparation for some house tour goodness. The best way to get a sneak peek of it? Snapchat, of course.

A few of my favorite people to follow:

  • Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen, username acozykitchen — her dog, Amelia, is too cute. Plus she shares some legit realness and awesome recipes.
  • Alice Gao, photographer, username alice_gao — she’s a world traveler and always eats the BEST things.
  • Cassandra from Coco + Kelley, username coco_kelley — we share a studio space and lotsss of adventures!
  • House of Brinson, username houseofbrinson — they are renovating an amazing old mansion and have adorable dogs.
  • NJinLA, username njinla — she eats like a queen and I am always jealous. Also, she’s hilarious.

Who do you enjoy following??


For a bit more about using snapchat, check out this post on The Alison Show or the adult’s guide to snapchat on Buzzfeed. And find me on snapchat, username jojotastic!

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