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If there is one skincare item that I am totally obsessed with, it would be a good face mask. I looooove pouring a glass of wine, putting on a good mask, and turning on some reality tv. This is basically my way of wind down at the end of a long day. I’ve shared a lot of my favorites on Instagram stories, but wanted to do a more formalized round up.These face masks are ones that I use on a consistent, regular basis for a variety of reasons. Warning, there are a lot listed (I literally have an entire drawer dedicated to masks):

Alma Botanicals – These masks are made locally here in Seattle, so of course I’m a fan! The super green mask makes my skin feel… tighter, but in the good way. Like my pores have been vacuumed up. I know that’s weird to say, but it’s a nice feeling. I also love that you need to mix these masks with a bit of water to form a paste and apply them with a makeup brush — there’s a nice ritual in that.

Glossier – If my skin is really broken out, dry, and just plain tired, I use these masks. I start with the green one and really take some time to massage it in because it’s got some really nice scrubby bits. Then, I rinse, dry, and apply the moon mask for a really great moisturizing mask.

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy – this one, you guys… definitely one of my favorite face masks, hands down. First, it smells amazing. Second, I immediately noticed improvements in my skin’s texture and tone. I use this mask when I’m broken out and I think it makes the breakouts shorter.

Formulary 55 Rosehip & Clay Mask – this came in a gift box during the holidays and I absolutely loved how it softened my skin. I also was able to stretch the amount in the packaging to last for a couple of uses, which is nice.

Origins Charcoal Mask – I’ve had this one forever and use it as a spot treatment on my nose and chin areas. My pores look smaller and I’ve noticed that I break out less often when I use this mask.

beauty report: my favorite face masks for my moisturizing, anti-aging, blemish fighting skincare routine. Get all of my picks on

Sheet Masks – I’ve tried lots of sheet masks and usually prefer ones that I can apply myself and not look like Hannibal Lector. But I’ve found that nothing makes my skin feel softer than a really great sheet mask! A few of my favorites are:

SK-II facial treatment masks – these cost a pretty penny, but nothing makes my skin softer!

Pur~lisse blue lotus + seaweed* – these sheet masks smell amazing and make my skin feel really smooth. I also think they make my skin look less red.

Farmacy hydrating coconut gel mask – when my skin feels really tired and tight (especially after lengthy photoshoots), this is the mask I use.

Also, while not technically a sheet mask, I have to tell you about my favorite eye mask, these Klorane smoothing and relaxing patches. When I’m super tired, my eyes get really puffy. These patches help to bring down that puffiness. I suggest putting them in the fridge for 20 minutes prior to applying for an extra cooling sensation!

beauty report: my favorite face masks for my moisturizing, anti-aging, blemish fighting skincare routine. Get all of my picks on

This is a rundown of the masks that I’m currently using, but there are so many more out there! Do you have any favorites I should try??

Photography by Jojotastic.

*connotes product that was gifted to me.

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