How to Update Your Haircare Routine for Fall

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I tend to think we all have our vanities, the parts of our bodies about which we feel the most confident. For me, it’s my hair. It’s always been my hair actually. Even as I changed my hair style and color countless times, my locks have always been my most cherished feature. For this reason, I take especially good care of my hair and update my haircare routine with the seasons. When Rogaine reached out to talk about Hair Loss Awareness Month, I jumped at the opportunity because I know that hair loss is something that affects so many men and women and their Emmy-nominated celebrity stylist and brand spokesperson, Jill Crosby, has some amazing tips for your haircare routine.

How to Update Your Haircare Routine for Fall with #Rogaine for #HairLossAwareness month. Learn more on #ad

There’s one hair-related memory that really stands out for me: I was 19 and home from college during the winter break. I went to get my haircut by my mom’s stylist and, during the consult, he said that the front part of my hair, nearest to my face “looked a little thin.” At that point alarm bells went off in my head. I had grown up witnessing my stepdad emotionally struggle with the pain of hair loss and how stressful, frustrating, and just plain unfair it felt to him.

Since this experience, I have asked the same question of every stylist I’ve ever worked with (hi, Keri): does my hair look thin at the top? Many have assured me that all is well up there, but I can’t deny the facts about Hereditary Hair Loss. For example HHL often appears as a widening of the hair part or increased visibility of the scalp — and 25% of woman experience it. Therefore, as I age I am watching for the signs of thinning hair and I made proactive adjustments to my haircare routine.

How to Update Your Haircare Routine for Fall with #Rogaine for #HairLossAwareness month. Learn more on #ad

I’ve found that because my hair is so fine, I need to use especially lightweight products. Here are a few that I’d recommend (left to right):

  • Kevin Murphy Young Again — I like this product for sealing and protecting my ends, plus it’s really lightweight and smells amazing.
  • Aveda Smooth Infusion — humidity really brings out my flyaways, so I’ve been mixing a nickel-sized amount of this with the Young Again to help.
  • Drybar Prep Rally — I use this with a wide tooth comb when my hair is wet to detangle. Be sure to start at the ends in small sections and work your way up towards your scalp to prevent breakage.
  • Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo — Another way I protect my hair is by washing it less often. Dry shampoo really helps with that, while also providing some much-needed lift at my roots.
  • Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam — This product uses Tricho-Prime Technology™ to reactivate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth when massaged into the scalp. Plus it contains minoxidil, the only FDA-approved ingredient to regrow hair.
  • Aveda Shampure Oil — when my ends are feeling a bit dry, I’ll smooth on a tiny drop of this oil. Be careful not to use too much, as it can weigh down your hair.

How to Update Your Haircare Routine for Fall with #Rogaine for #HairLossAwareness month. Learn more on #ad

And now, for Emmy-nominated celebrity stylist and brand spokesperson, Jill Crosby’s haircare routine tips! Jill recommends:

Summer can be a bit rough on hair – chlorine, sun, salt (if you are lucky enough to have been on a sand beach, and hopefully you were), heat etc. so my first tip for heading into fall is to get a fresh haircut. Keeping hair healthy includes trimming your broken ends off and giving them a fresh start. It’s also a great time to start a new style, maybe something less ‘summer wild and raw’ and a little more ‘manicured’ or cleaner lines. I love short hair with fall and winter fashion, it adds so much style to the total look.

Jill also suggests making some tweaks to your hair color style, as well:

Each season bring its own sort of canvas with it and fall for me seems like the time to let go of the extreme blondes and move into a more diverse color palette. So, perhaps now is the time to try that color you have always wanted try… an added bonus to this is that coloring hair can create more fullness and volume when done right and this is great for women who have hair that is on the thinner side. Also, there is no adverse effect to using color in conjunction with Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam. Women often ask me if they can use both color and the treatment together and the answer is yes, they work really well together! But I also tell them consistency is the key to regrowing and maintaining new hair. And, just as with coloring hair, Rogaine can be used with your other styling products, so feel free to experiment with new products.

How to Update Your Haircare Routine for Fall with #Rogaine for #HairLossAwareness month. Learn more on #ad

So, how are you transitioning your haircare routine for fall?

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