the best houseplants for a small space

This definitely won’t be news to long-time readers: plants are one of my favorite ways to decorate a space — indoors and out! There’s just something about them that make an empty house or apartment feel like a home. For example, when I moved into #mytinybungalow the first thing I brought over was my giant tree! And because I majorly have plants on the brain right now thanks to our complete backyard overhaul, I thought, why not put together some of my best recommendations for styling a variety of plants in a small space? Of course you can use these tips for any size space, but I did put some thought into all the awkward nooks and limited window space of tiny homes.

Check out the list:

The best houseplants for small spaces, awkward corners, and lowlight homes! #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #tinyhome #decoratingwithplants

Hanging plants are a gift to the tiny homeowner. They take up virtually no space and act as their own decoration. If I could, I’d probably hang something in every corner of our house (crazy plant lady over here!). I recommend checking the watering schedules for the plants listed because they may vary, but all of these work well for weird corners in need of a little life.

  • Rattail cactus
  • String of pearls
  • Goldfish plant
  • Chenille plant
  • Satin pothos — this one is allll over my house and studio!

Mantels and bookshelves
Some plants need to be by windows for that constant stream of sunlight, but these guys are ideal for the more interior places like mantels, end tables, bookshelves, etc.. You can sneak them in as little accessories that add texture but don’t take up much space and won’t look intrusive.

  • Staghorn fern
  • Dragon tree
  • Snake plant — knock on wood, but I’ve never had a problem keeping this one alive. It’s super hardy.
  • ZZ plant
  • Philodendron

The best houseplants for small spaces, awkward corners, and lowlight homes! #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #tinyhome #decoratingwithplants

There’s nothing cuter in a small space, in my very humble opinion, than a windowsill loaded with plants. It just makes my heart happy. It’s a space that is simply made for small pots and planters — especially in the kitchen where counter space is at a premium.

  • Jade plant
  • Chinese money plant
  • Aloe
  • Cacti
  • Assorted succulents

Awkward corners
Whether you live tiny or extra big, awkward corners are definitely a thing. I hate running into those spaces where no matter how I arrange the furniture, nothing seems to fit quite right. Well, that’s where these corner-filling plants come in. You can get one larger plant to keep it more minimal, or get a few and arrange them at varying heights. You can use plant stands or other decorative pieces to do so.

  • Fiddle leaf fig
  • Rubber plants
  • Split-leaf philodendron
  • Banana leaf plant
  • European fan palm

The best houseplants for small spaces, awkward corners, and lowlight homes! #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #tinyhome #decoratingwithplants

It’s probably pretty clear at this point that I’m kind of a crazy plant lady, but I think they just add so much character to a space! What plants are your favorite for small spaces and how do you like to style them? Tell me in the comments.

p.s. if you have furry friends, you can find lists of toxic plants here which should obviously be avoided.

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