baby shower gift ideas when you know nothing about kids

baby shower gift ideas when you know nothing about kids! #babygifts #giftguide #giftideas #babyshower

Ever notice how I never post about babies and kids here on the blog? That’s cuz I know nothing about them! I’m an only child and my friends are just now starting to have kids, so it feels a bit like I’ve been removed from thats world. But now my best friend is pregnant (with twins, nonetheless) and I’m about to attend my first baby shower next month…. and I had no idea what to give. Yes, there are always gift registries which are supremely helpful, but I like to go rogue and get really cute stuff that no one thinks of. I sort of fell down a rabbit hole searching for baby shower gift ideas, so I wanted to share my findings with you — especially if you’re like me and still so clueless about kids!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. aden + anais silk sofa swaddles — apparently these are the softest!
  2. gray label raw edged baby booties
  3. Roxy Marj lion rattle
  4. David Bowie doll
  5. Mas Amor one piece
  6. Ovo Max luxe high chair
  7. Oh Joy! for Dockatot deluxe
  8. Almost Makes Perfect baby on board sticker
  9. Lexypexy pretzel teether

If you have any other baby shower gift ideas, definitely let me know down in the comments. Danielle’s baby shower is in July, so I have a bit of time to order!

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