chic wine storage for small spaces

chic wine storage for small spaces and tiny kitchens. #smallspaces #kitchen #kitchenstorage #pantry #winestorage #winerack #wine #tinyhouse #storage #storageideas

I’m the type of hostess who always keeps many bottles of wine on hand. I hate to be caught unprepared, so instead I tend to go a bit overboard with the wine hoarding. You all know our bungalow is pretty tiny, so I’ve had to get creative with how we store the extra wine — especially because it’s best for wine bottles to lay on their sides. And, until we can renovate the kitchen, we’ve had to rely on some store-bought storage pieces to help keep the bottles tidy. I know I can’t possibly be the only one out there who’s wanted wine storage that is both chic and functional, so I wanted to share some of what I found while researching options for our space!

source: ash wood 12-bottle wine rack from Food52.

chic wine storage for small spaces and tiny kitchens. #smallspaces #kitchen #kitchenstorage #pantry #winestorage #winerack #wine #tinyhouse #storage #storageideas

When I first started looking for a chic wine storage solution, I had no idea what type of material I was looking for. I ended up buying a wooden one, but once the kitchen is renovated and lovely I plan to update to something with nicer materials. I mean, helloooo marble!

Here are some super gorgeous and functional wine storage for small spaces:

  1. iron stacking wine racks
  2. rectangle marble + wood wine rack
  3. modern 5-bottle wall mounted wine bottle rack
  4. olivewood pyramid wine rack
  5. cellar wine rack
  6. skyline wine rack
  7. cross 18-bottle tabletop wine rack
  8. marble stacking wine rack
  9. lincoln countertop wine glass rack
  10. clear lucite wine rack
  11. 6-bottle tabletop wine rack
  12. brighton wine rack
  13. gold 11-bottle wine rack

chic wine storage for small spaces and tiny kitchens. #smallspaces #kitchen #kitchenstorage #pantry #winestorage #winerack #wine #tinyhouse #storage #storageideaschic wine storage for small spaces and tiny kitchens. #smallspaces #kitchen #kitchenstorage #pantry #winestorage #winerack #wine #tinyhouse #storage #storageideas

Hanging your wine on the wall is another option if you’re limited on space. I love these two options from Anthropologie: Tack Storage Wine Rack and Antique Brass Wine Rack. The style of both wine racks feels very handsome, but the materials really make them feel totally different! Personally, I’m drawn to the luxe vibes of the brass option.

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How do you store your wine in a small space?