must-have summer skincare products

must-have summer skincare products to keep you cool and chic, like anti chafe balm, gradual self tanner, refreshing rose water, and a natural deodorant that actually works! #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty #selftanner #summer #skincase #naturaldeodorant #settingspray

My beauty and skincare routines are decidedly low maintenance (more about that here and here), but in the summer I’ve found that certain products are… necessary. I’m not what you’d call ‘heat tolerant.’ Never have been and never will be. I’m a sweat-er and not ashamed of it! Over the course of the past few years, I’ve discovered a few skincare products that are absolutely essential to me surviving summer’s heat. Later this week I’m headed back to the east coast for my bff’s baby shower and for Sean to meet my entire family — and it’s going to be a balmy 95+ degrees. You better believe I’m packing these essentials. And I know I’m not alone in my intolerance of hot hot heat (not the band, just the temp), so I wanted to share what’s been tested, tried, and true:

A Damn Good Natural Deodorant

I first shared my love of Vapour Beauty’s Palo Santo Blood Orange deodorant back in April and, well, the love affair is still going strong! As someone who’s tried countless natural deodorants, it feels so good to finally have one that works. The trouble I’ve always had is that after a few hours, whatever I was trying out would make me smell even worse than if I had nothing on at all. It was so frustrating and I was loathe to keep putting chemicals onto my body… but at the same time, certain situations called for it. This natural deodorant got me through our very humid and sweaty trip to Italy — which blew my mind. If it could handle that climate, it can definitely handle a Seattle summer.

A Hydrating Face Mist

When it’s super hot out and the sun is beating down on you, nothing feels better than a face mist… I swear! I actually keep this rose water spray on my desk, in my person, and even in my truck because you never know when you’ll need a nice refreshing spritz.

Anti Chafe Balm

Ever since I gained a bit of weight after my accident last year, I have needed an anti chafe balm for the area between my thighs. Yup, your girl does not have thigh gap. The feeling of my thighs sticking together when it’s really hot drives me nuts… not to mention that I experienced my first heat rash in that area, too. I knew that a balm was necessary after that! Recently I picked up this one and it worked well enough. I found I needed to reapply after about 6 hours, but that’s not terrible. When I run out, I want to try this Megababe one next.  Have you tried it? I’d love to know what you think of it.

A Good Self Tanner

I’m also not one to sit in the sun and work on my tan for hours on end. First, it’s never warm enough for that here in Seattle. And, second, I really don’t have time to sunbathe (nor am I going to frequent a tanning booth). I recently discovered The Gradual, which adds a subtle glow slower than most self tanners. I’m pretty pale, so most self tanners never worked for me because I’d basically go zero to orange in a matter of an hour… not a good look. This one is more… gradual. And it smells like raspberries in that old school Bath & Body Works sort of way. If you’re pale and want a subtle bronze, I highly recommend this one.

A Multitasking Setting Spray

During the hot months, I try to avoid wearing makeup as much as possible in order to prevent the inevitable slide and shift down my face. Urban Decay recently sent over their Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray and I loooove it for these hot days. It definitely holds my makeup in place longer, which is great. Apparently the technology behind this product “actually chills the surface of your makeup.” All I know is that it feels and works equally well.

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What skincase products are essential for you to get through hot summer days?? And read more skincare + beauty posts here!

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