Snowflake Natural Beeswax Ornament DIY

These beautiful handmade ornaments are made from sheets of natural beeswax!

There’s nothing wrong with delicate glass ornaments and vintage treasures to hang on your tree, but there is something to be said for the childhood charm of homemade ornaments. We all have popsicle stick stars and paper angels  from when we were kids that still make occasional appearances on our trees. Plus, it can be super-fun to invite a few friends over, sip some wine, and make a few ornaments while streaming holiday movies. For this natural beeswax ornament DIY, I wanted to channel that sense of holiday nostalgia, but in a really elevated, chic way. These pretty little star ornaments are made from sheets of natural beeswax for a beautiful finished product that will bring rich texture to your tree. Keep reading to learn how to make your very own beeswax snowflakes for your tree!

How To Make A Natural Beeswax Ornament



To start, cut out a snowflake from the black beeswax and the ivory-hued beeswax. I worked with a set of three snowflake cookie cutters so I could layer different shapes, but layering one shape of snowflake would work just as well.

When you cut out the snowflake, press down firmly and evenly from the top. Then, flip over the wax and press with your fingers until the cookie cutter has poked all the way through the wax.

Next, flip the wax back over so it’s right side up, and carefully start removing the cookie cutter. You have to be really gentle with the wax at this step, otherwise your shape will fall apart. This is where the wood skewer comes in handy! Use the pointy end to gently poke parts of the snowflake out, working clockwise in a circle until the shape is released.

Next, cut an 8″ length of gold embroidery thread and knot it at the ends so it’s ready to go.

Now, use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to warm up the snowflake you want to be the base layer of your ornament. Start slow, since too much heat can completely melt your snowflake! Once the wax is tacky to the touch, quickly add the gold thread loop and press it into the soft wax.

While the wax is still nice and warm, press the second snowflake layer on top. Use your fingertips to press all around the snowflake to ensure the layers are sealed together nicely. Now each beeswax ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree!

I love how these turned out — so simple yet so beautiful, and they would look beautiful on a door handle or car mirror even after Christmas is over. Also, if you want to get a little crazy, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to use these as little room fresheners (similar to these sachets). Isn’t it lovely to add a bit of organic, natural texture to your holiday decor?

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photography and styling by Jojotastic, DIY by Hannah Cross for Jojotastic.

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