What to Wear in Tuscany: My Packing List for Italy

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The countdown is ON! I leave for Italy in just over a week and I could not be more excited. I’ll be traveling in Rome and Florence before heading to Tuscany to wrap things up by teaching our Styling Your Life workshop. I fell in love with Italy last summer when I went for my first time. It feels like a dream to go back again! But what to wear?? Here’s my packing list for Italy in case you need some summer vacation inspiration!

My Packing List for a Week in Italy

Tons of maxi dresses.

I can’t remember if I have ever shared this with you, but I don’t wear shorts! I actually believe that shorts are the least flattering thing a person can wear. Add to that my sensitivity about the scars on my leg and I just never buy a pair. Instead, I opt for dresses. And, of course, my favorite style is a maxi dress.

Honestly, this silhouette is really versatile, no matter where you’re going. You can dress a maxi dress up with heels and accessories or use it as a beach cover up. I also love it for really hot days or chillier days.

Some favorite maxi dresses I love right now:

At least one pair of crop pants.

I’ve been really into crop pants lately. They go well with all of my favorite shoes and have super borrowed-from-sailor vibes. Everlane makes my favorite wide leg crop pants by far… I basically want them in every color! I also have a few pairs of relaxed linen pants that I love to bring with me.

These crop pants are a great option:

Simple tank tops.

I am all about simple tank tops because they go with everything! Plus, they pack up really small. You can wear them with the crop pants or a cute patterned skirt. Also, they can double as sleepwear in a pinch. My personal favorite is the Everlane air cami. It’s sooooo soft.

Sensible shoes.

I always do a tonnn of walking when I travel and have come up with my personal faves that I always pack. My list consists of Birkenstocks, Allbirds, a pair of mules, and a nice-ish pair of low heels.

Rompers and jumpers.

There’s something to be said for a single piece of clothing that creates an entire outfit! I loooove packing a few rompers or jumpers when I travel. If you opt for a printed onesie, you’ll even be able to better hide the inevitable travel wrinkles.

I’m loving these jumpers for summer travel:

A few lightweight layers.

The temperature can drop at night and I run cold, so I always bring a few layers. Typically I wear a lightweight sweater on the plane and top with a jean jacket. Then those pieces can be worn with other things during the course of my travels.

And accessories.

Typically, when I travel, I keep my style simple. I’m packing basic accessories that go with everything like a cross body bag and sunglasses. I usually travel with a scarf, but there are so many beautiful ones in Italy, I just buy one! Same with a straw hat.

What else should I pack?? I’m so excited!

Lead image by Danfredo Photos + Films, used with permission.