My Wedding Day Self Care Plan

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Holy cow. Our wedding is TOMORROW. Somehow I feel like this day has come really quickly, but also has taken forever to get here… all at the same time! I know tomorrow will be a whirlwind of friends, family, and activity. But it’s oh-so-important to me that I’m able to stay present and enjoy each moment. Because of that, I came up with a wedding day self care plan that will hopefully help me stay grounded and in the moment. Here is what I’ve come up with:

Stay Present & Calm with These Wedding Day Self Care Tips

Get a good night’s sleep

By now, I’m sure we all know how bad of a sleeper I am. I am taking precautions for the night before our wedding! I am going to sleep in a quiet Airbnb away from the venue with my closest girlfriends. I’m planning to go to bed early and even to take a sleep aid to ensure I get some good rest.

Eat breakfast

I am admittedly the worst at eating breakfast. Usually I just need a cup of strong coffee and I ignore any hunger pains until lunchtime. But here’s the thing: a wedding day is totally different… especially if you’re the bride! I plan to start off the day with a proper breakfast.

Plan some solo time

I am very much the type of person who needs alone time to recharge my batteries. I’m not 100% an introvert, but I definitely identify with that need. Tomorrow, I plan to wake up and have some solo time right away before all the festivities begin. I’ll eat my breakfast, do some stretches, maybe read a book… whatever I want to do. I’m not even really planning what I’ll do during my solo time. Whatever I end up doing, will be what feels right in the moment.


Once the wedding day is in full swing, I am 100% delegating as much as I possibly can. We saved money by not hiring a day-of coordinator, but thankfully my best friend has stepped into that role. She’s a wedding photographer already, so I am confident she’ll know the drill! Having someone I trust on hand to handle whatever little issues arise (paying vendors, tipping people, handling the caterer, etc) means that I won’t have to sweat the tiny details unless I absolutely have to. PHEW.

Rely on the plan

Let’s be real here: I have planned every single special detail and moment of our wedding to a T. There are at least 5 spreadsheets, many lists, and a lot of capable people helping us pull of our magical mountain adventure. I have put in the WORK early and up front so that our day goes off without a hitch. At this point, I plan to rely on the plan and just let the day unfold beautifully.

With these easy self care tips in place, I feel like I will actually feel my best on my wedding day rather than feeling overwhelmed. Have you gotten married and incorporated a self care routine into your day? I’d love to know what worked for you! Leave a comment and let me know.

Photography by Danfredo Photos + Films, used with permission.