BIG News: We’re Moving!

HUGE personal news: our tiny bungalow in Ballard, Seattle is officially on the market for sale! Learn more about our new home + why we're moving on

I feel a little late in sharing this on the blog since it’s been all over Instagram, but… we’re officially moving! As of Friday, the bungalow is on the market and we have a contingent offer on a new home. It’s all happening so quickly because one day I got fed up with the city noise and dust, so I started looking at real estate in the mountains like I do every few months or so… and we ended up touring a house, loving it, and upheaving our entire life in the span of 2 weeks. Crazy, right? But also very, very us.

Sean and I shared the news live on Instagram, so here’s that recap in case you want to know more! I’m keeping the new house to myself until we are actually all set to move. With real estate, you just never know.

This has been an incredibly emotional moment in my life, but I’m doing my best to stay positive and think about the possibilities of this new chapter. The bungalow was always my home, instead of our home. It’s also the longest I’ve ever lived in one place… ever. Even as a kid! That’s really just one part of why the idea of leaving the tiny bungalow has me overcome with emotion.

I bought the house when our relationship was still fresh and new. It was important to me to invest in a property on my own just in case we didn’t work out. I’m still so proud of myself for owning a home by myself as a strong, independent woman. Now that we’re married, we’ve simply outgrown the bungalow. I know I’ve been a small space ambassador for so long… but we really need the space that a new property can afford. Sean needs room for his hobbies, to work on our cars, to practice his welding, etc… and I want approximately 10,000 more chickens. We also want to live in the mountains, so this move will finally make our day-to-day lives align better with our goals as individuals and as a couple. Change is hard, but so necessary sometimes.

If you’re interested in our bungalow, definitely act fast because we’re hopefully reviewing offers on Wednesday! Stay tuned for more as we venture into this new chapter of our lives.