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I feel like July went by really quickly, hence this is actually posting a little bit later in August than I usually like… I just needed a bit more time since we’re painting the house! I haven’t been shopping a ton, but there were a few key purchases last month that you absolutely must know about. First of all, Osmia released a new mud cleanser that is just soooo good. The very first time I used it, I knew it would be in this post. And now, after a few weeks, I am even more obsessed! Ok, let’s dig into the 9 products I tried and loved in July 2020.

Joanna’s Things of Note from July 2020 (including the new Osmia Mud Cleanser & more)

As always, please note that a few of these items have been gifted to me. I have indicated that with an asterisk * next to the name of the product. As usual though, I am only sharing what I have absolutely loved and would spend ‘real money’ on regardless.

Koepel Brass Lamp*

If you’re looking for a modern, stylish table lamp, definitely check out this one from Article. It casts such beautiful, moody light! We keep ours on the table by our front door, so having a solid lampshade on it prevents the light from blinding us when we stand there! It’s the little things…

Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser*

In my mind, Osmia can do no wrong. I’ve loved every product from them that I’ve tried and this new mud cleanser is no different! It uses glacial oceanic clay to gently deep clean your skin, then turns into a creamy and foamy texture. I’ve never used a cleanser like this before and it reminds me of when I was a kid in Greece and rubbed the silky, super-fine grain sand on my skin. It isn’t abrasive at all, yet definitely leaves my skin feeling smooth and softer afterwards. I cannot say enough good things about this one!

Coriander + Tonka Bean Pure Soy Candle

Suki’s Candles are a recent discovery of mine and I am majorly impressed. They burn very well and are very strongly fragranced… just one candle is enough to make our whole home smell amazing! I’m especially partial to the Coriander and Tonka combo because it’s warm, sultry, and feels really cozy. If you’re in the market for new candles, definitely check out Suki’s and help support a WOC-run small business!

Emerald Front Slit Kaftan

Kaftans are basically THE look of summer 2020, so I knewww I had to scoop up this one from Grace Atwood’s collection on Amazon. Grace is one of my favorite influencers to follow and she did an awesome job designing her collection! The kaftan is made of super-soft light-weight fabric that washes well, while the silhouette is the perfect fit. I’ve literally been living in this for the past two weeks!

Sea Wife by Amity Gaige

This novel combines two things I love to read about: sailing adventures and the complex inner-workings of relationships. There’s definitely a lot of suspense built up as you follow a family of 4 on their sailing journey. Something happens to the dad in the story and my mind was really overactive trying to predict what it would be! It’s a pretty quick and easy beach read, too.

Evil Eye Coir Doormat

As soon as I saw this doormat on World Market, I had to have it! As a Greek, I keep evil eyes all over our house, so it felt fitting to have one at the front door. It’s actually well-made and doesn’t shed NEARLY as much as other coir doormats I’ve tried.

Glass Straw Case Set

If you’re like me and exclusively drinking iced coffee these days, you really need to invest in some glass straws! I love that these have a carrying case (you know, for when we’re allowed to go places again one day).

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Ok, admittedly I started this book last night and haven’t finished it yet… but I am HOOKED and finishing it is literally all I can think about today! It’s a juicy thriller that’s got some great satirical humor and is so so SO addictive to read. Highly recommend.

The Perfect Hot Sauce

I recently got one of THE Popeye’s chicken sandwiches and was reminded of how much I love their hot sauce. I did a cursory search and then realized I could get 3 bottles from Amazon for $15! So naturally, I ordered them and now have a bottle stashed everywhere I could possibly need it. It isn’t really that hot, but I love the vinegary tanginess it adds to literally everything.

So these are my 9 fave products from July! If you have any tips or requests for August, leave a comment and let me know.

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