7 Home Improvement Items I Swear By

7 Home Improvement Items I Swear By including the best rug pad, rug tape, step stool and more! The perfect list to help on fixer upper and renovation projects

I’m in the process of building a totally updated, brand new website and part of that will be a section dedicated to all of my favorite things — including home improvement items that I recommend and swear by! But until then, I wanted to share 7 of my favorites. This list ranges from smaller, un-seen items that quietly make your home better in the background… and larger, more visible daily use items. Everything on this list is something we’ve had in both of our homes and highly recommend! I hope you like it and leave a comment if there’s anything you recommend adding to the list.

7 of My Favorite Home Improvement Items

Rug pads

I’m always surprised by how many people don’t use rug pads — especially because they make the experience of walking barefoot on a rug so much more enjoyable. Also, if you have kids or just like to sit on the floor, a rug pad is a total necessary. I recommend using a rug pad because it adds a level of cushiness to the floor while also helping you rug to last longer. A rug pad absorbs more of the impact and wear that a rug gets, so it’s a wise investment!

Rug tape

I also recommend rug tape if you have a rug that always slides around or where the edges flip up. That’s the case with our dining room rug, but now that it’s taped it stays in place! Even when the dogs are wrestling…

Collapsible Step Stool

I’m 5’6 so not super short, but not tall either. And we all know that vertical storage is a great way to increase capacity… so I invested in a really, really good step stool. It’s made of sturdy metal and has withstood pretty much every single one of our renovations.

Airtight, waterproof storage bins

Sturdy, solid storage bins are always a must-have item in my book, especially when it comes to home improvement. I’ve used these bins for so many things and in so many places! I love how well-made they are and that they are actually water-tight.

Delta Faucet Trinsic Faucet

This is definitely the biggest ticket item on this list. But after having lived with a subpar faucet for 5 months, I can confidently say that this faucet is worth every penny. We had it in our old kitchen and I cannot tell you enough how much I miss it! Being able to tap the water on and off with your elbow is actual magic.

A peg rail

Peg rails are definitely having their moment in terms of trends, but they are such a classic. It’s the perfect, easy way to add storage to an entry area, bathroom, office, kitchen or even bedroom!

Aera diffuser

I know this is a totally unexpected addition to this list, but hear me out. I firmly believe that scent and fragrance play a huge role in our sense of home. And if you’ve moved into a stinky previous owner situation like we did, this diffuser makes a world of difference!

Let me know what you think of this list and if you have recommendations of must-have home improvement items to add!