8 Cold Weather Essentials We Love In Our Cabin

Stay cozy and comfy this winter with these 9 things I swear by!
Stay cozy and comfy this winter with these 9 cold weather essentials I swear by! They've made a huge difference in our PNW cabin: including the best generator, winter doormat, firewood storage, and more!

In light of the fact that we have gotten SO much snow here in the North Cascades this winter, I wanted to share a few of my favorite cold weather essentials. It’s our second winter out here and I’ve learned so much. Many of these items have helped us survive storms, while also staying cozy and comfortable indoors. A few are also great for morale — especially when you have a power outage like we often experience!

Stay cozy and comfy this winter with these 9 cold weather essentials I swear by! They've made a huge difference in our PNW cabin: including the best generator, winter doormat, firewood storage, and more!

Cold Weather Essentials I Swear By In Our Cabin

I have already shared 12 entryway essentials for winter, so for this round up I wanted to go a bit broader. Some of these cold weather essentials are very practical, while others are simply nice to have items. And if you’re looking for a list of our emergency essentials, be sure to check out this post that I shared a while back. There’s ton’s of helpful info there, too!

I hope you find this post helpful when it comes to making your home a better place to be when the weather has turned cold!

Generac Generator

I have a running joke over on my Instagram about our generator because I am constantly asked whether we have one… literally every time I share that our power is out, I get asked at least 15 times! So I wanted to start off this post by sharing the exact model we have and use consistently. It works great for our needs and, according to Sean’s research, is quite popular!

Rechargeable Battery Powered Fan

Because we don’t have traditional HVAC, most of our heat either comes from our woodstove or a propane gas stove. Ordinarily, we use fans to help circulate the hot air throughout the cabin, but when we have a power outage this little fan is super helpful. Plus, we can use it when we go camping in our van!

Recycled Waterhog Doormat

I know I’m a broken record when it comes to my love of this doormat… but seriously, THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Before this winter officially started, we invested in the extra large size and it’s been worth every penny — especially since we don’t have a proper mudroom and just an entryway instead.

Better Homes & Gardens Lowell Bench – sold out but this is similar

Speaking of our entryway, we also added this storage bench a few months ago and it’s been so awesome. I love that we can store cold weather essentials in the cubbies. Plus, it’s the perfect place to sit while putting on or taking off snowy boots.

Avocado Luxury Alpaca Will Mattress Topper

My love of our Avocado mattress is deep and true — and ditto to this mattress topper. It helps to make our bed cozier and warmer in the chilly winter months. Plus, it has excellent breathability so we even use it in the summer months!

Eddie Bauer Flannel Sheets

We got these flannel sheets last winter and they’ve held up really well! They wash well, are super soft, and have not gotten pills the way some flannel bedding can. Plus, how could I not love plaid?? I definitely consider a set or two of flannel sheets to be a winter household staple.

Steele Canvas 3 Bushel Basket

We’ve tried a few different firewood storage methods, but using this basket indoors has worked out the best for us. Basically, we have a large bucket that we fill with wood and then bring it inside and then fill this basket. I love the sturdiness and that it’s a bit more visually appealing than a plastic bucket!

Window Bird Feeder

Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly an essential… but it definitely makes me happy in the winter months! I love seeing the variety of birds who visit and snack at our window. It definitely makes for a peaceful morning to watch them and sip coffee.

So what do you think of this list of cold weather must-haves?? I hope you found this post helpful!

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