14 Self Care Ideas For a Bad Day That Actually Work

Take care of your mental health with these easy self-care ideas and tips that I swear by
Looking for self care ideas for bad days? Take care of your mental health with these easy self-care ideas and tips that I swear by!

Let’s face it, some days are just no good, rotten, bad days. And that’s ok. I’m of the belief that a bad day can make the good days feel that much sweeter. But a bad day can still suck, especially if you have mental health challenges (I do, no shame in it!). So today I wanted to share a few of the self-care ideas for a bad day that work for me. And I’d love to hear from you about what works, too!

A Few Self-Care Ideas for Bad Days That I Swear By

Have a dance party

I actually start many mornings this way! Ever since we invested in my one true love (this Sonos speaker), I get pumped up in the mornings and while I’m cooking dinner by putting on some favorite songs and blasting it. That’s the good thing about living in the middle of nowhere! There’s no one to hear my jam out sessions.

But when I’m having a bad day, I will specifically pull myself away from my desk or wherever I’m feeling frustrated. Then, I put on a song that I know will get my body moving no matter what. I turn up the volume all the way and just dance it out. It literally gets the endorphins flowing in my body and that helps to counteract my bad mood.

Go for a mental health walk

Going for a walk does SO much for your mental health. Not only is is great for getting the blood pumping and your body moving, but it can be so inspiring to just look and see things on your walk. We’re especially lucky because our walks are in nature out here. My favorite self care for bad days activity is to walk down to our local creek with the dogs. Sometimes I’ll bring my journal and write. But often I just go, wander, and observe.

Snuggle the pets or play with the dogs

There is literally scientific evidence that simply petting a dog can lower cortisol (a stress hormone) in your brain! Even just 15 minutes can boost your mood and calm anxiety. Plus, pets are just goofy and perfect for perking up a bad mood.

Personally, I like to load up my pockets with training treats and work with Diamond to teach her a new trick. For example, I am currently working on “crawl.” Our most recent success is that I can get her to stay in the down position, put a treat on each of her paws, and then she lets Noodle eat them! Isn’t that amazing? Instant serotonin boost.

Indulge yourself with the expensive skincare and candles

Do you have nice candles and skincare that you don’t really use because you want to save it?? Well, a bad day is THE time to use them! This is actually one of my favorite self care ideas. When I’m especially grumpy, I take time to myself to put on a good face mask and light the ‘good candle.’ It sounds superficial, but I swear it works.

Those are just 4 self care ideas for bay days that work for me. I did a poll on Instagram to see what other people do. Here’s a recap of recommendations:

I’d love to know what else works for you on those days when you’re in a bad mood. Leave a comment and let me know!

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