Why I Love Gratitude Journals + How to Start Journaling

The easiest way to get started journaling daily
Why I Love Gratitude Journals + How to Start Journaling. Read all of my tips and suggestions on jojotastic.com #wellness #selfcare #gratitude #gratitudejournal #thefiveminutejournal #fiveminutejournal #journaling #howtostartjournaling

I’ve always shared wellness ideas and topics here on the blog, but one wellness trend, in particular, has caught my eye lately — journaling. I mentioned it before in my wellness series, but didn’t really go into tons of detail… especially in regards to my practice of using a gratitude journal. It’s something I’ve been into for a while, so I thought I’d make a post out of it and share tips on how to start a journal yourself, how I use journaling and why a gratitude journal specifically appeals to me.

How To Use a Gratitude Journal & The Importance of Journaling

Quite frankly, there’s nothing terribly scientific about the concept of journaling. However, there are a few different ways to go about it. If you’re just getting started and don’t want to invest too much into it, simply grab any notebook and start writing whatever comes to mind. Personally, I like to have a little more guidance, otherwise I can get stuck in my head. I used to be really good at writing down my thoughts daily, but over the years fell out of practice… that is until I discovered The Five Minute Journal. It has been an amazing resource for me and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start journaling! You’ll find questions, cues and inspiring quotes on every page that will challenge you to think and reflect.

And speaking of being challenged and reflecting, this is the best part of journaling if you ask me. I use The Five Minute Journal twice a day, every day. It forces me (in a good way) to have a moment of calm and really think about life — what I want out of it, what areas I need to grow in, where I’m kicking ass, etc. My favorite prompt in The Five Minute Journal, though, is the one that asks me what I’m grateful for.

At the end of 2018, I’m not 100% sure what it was (probably the journaling!), but I started feeling extremely grateful — like on a different level — for everything I have in my life. I think writing those things out every day and giving myself a moment to think about not only what I’m grateful for, but why, is HUGE! It’s given me a new sense of awareness that, in hindsight, I’m very appreciative to have now... especially because you’re supposed to write in The Five Minute Journal before doing anything else in the morning and right before bed. I like to think that it ‘seals in’ the gratitude.

Does any of this sound appealing? I know “journaling” can kind of come across as a little woo woo. However, I think I’m proof that if you give it a try, it can actually make a difference in your life, especially when it comes to practicing gratitude. I don’t exclusively have a gratitude journal yet, but they do exist. I’ve got my eye on this one and I definitely see myself starting one this year.

If you’re thinking journaling sounds like another thing to put on your daily to-do list, give it a try first. Seriously, even if it’s just one time. I think you’ll find it’s something to look forward to and won’t feel like a chore.

So there you have it! Journaling is so simple to start and it’s what all the cool people are doing. I mean, I heard Oprah does it, which means it must be incredible, right? For real, though, if you want to get started and have more questions, please drop a comment! I’d love to talk more about this and keep you guys in the loop of my journaling journey.

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