Monthly Life Update, May 2022

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A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

Wow, tomorrow we celebrate the first day of June. 2022 is flying by. You’d think that would mean we’re in the throes of spring here in the PNW… but winter/cold weather seems to be holding on. This is one of the wettest springs I’ve ever experienced out here. It’s driving me nuts because all I want is to spend time in my garden. But I’m choosing to be grateful because my hope is that this wet weather minimizes the risk of forest fires in our state this year. Fingers crossed! Here’s a recap of what the month of May was like for us!

The Cabin

Indoor projects have slowed down, thankfully. We wrapped up the vanity area in our bedroom, which has helped us feel like that space is totally settled. It feels great! And I love how it turned out.

The biggest project we’re working on still is my vegetable garden. We’ve made HUGE amounts of progress, but there is always still more to do!

The Tiny Zoo

Noodle is starting to become more and more senile lately and it’s so sad. Sometimes he gets lost behind the couch and I have to rescue him. Our goal is to just keep him happy and healthy as much as we can since he’s so old. And he’s definitely still loving life out here. Sometimes we still see the Noodle energy we know and love when he chases the chickens around the yard.

Diamond totally astounded me during a recent visit from Sean’s sister and her two young kids. She was soooo good with the kids. I was worried she’d have too much energy for them, but she was shockingly gentle and doting. She definitely learned that they would offer her bites of their food though, so now I’m working on fixing that bad habit she’s picked up!

My Health

I’m on my second cold in about 3 weeks, probably because of our visitors. But thankfully it isn’t COVID and I welcome an excuse to make sure I rest and take care of myself. I hope to feel better soon because the weather is supposed to warm up and I’d love to put more energy into my garden this week.

Business + My Blog

You might have noticed a new feature here on the blog called Thank with Google! I am honored to be one of Google’s paid early testers for this experimental feature that allows you to purchase a virtual sticker in appreciation for the content I share here — think of it as a virtual tip jar!

The virtual stickers translate into direct revenue that supports the time, energy, and thought I put into everything I share. There are lots of cute stickers available, plus every time you send a paid sticker, you can add a personal message!

You can find the Thank with Google feature in multiple places here on the blog, including in the sidebar and as a button at the top and bottom of each blog post. As always, I genuinely appreciate your support in any form and hope you’ll try it out!


We celebrated Sean’s birthday last week. It was awesome to spend the day with his family and to prepare an even larger cake to celebrate!

So that’s a snapshot of what life’s been like for us in the month of May! As always, thank you so much for following along on our journey and being so wonderfully supportive of everything I share here and on social media.

Behind The Blog

Joanna Hawley-McBride is a Pacific Northwest-based social media strategist, content creator, and former textile designer. Joanna is the founder and editor-in-chief of Jojotastic, a lifestyle blog focused on Joanna’s work-in-progress cabin, finding the best pair of underwear through #UnderwearThesis, and empowering women to explore nature — all in her signature unfiltered style. Her work has been featured in Domino, CNBC, and Eating Well.

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