an unexpected Valentine’s Day cloche centerpiece | DIY

A lot of planning goes into creating these centerpieces and, often, it’s a conversation that starts with a wishlist of pieces Joanna wants to incorporate. For example, for this Valentine’s Day, she’s planned an unexpected tablescape that feels rich, elegant, and moody — almost like a baroque still life oil painting (editor’s note: specifically Jan Davidsz de Heem!). Not gonna lie… when she sent me her color palette ideas, I was interested, but definitely skeptical of the yellow she wanted to add in… but I trusted her always on-point vision and went for it. I found these Dark Landini lilies and immediately knew we had to use them (and they were ready for harvest just in time for us to use). The rich burgundy hue provide the perfect balance for the pop of yellow, especially when enclosed a classic glass cloche. I assembled two of them to serve as the backdrop for the dinner for two and they ended up being so stunning and rich.

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a blush & cream Galentine’s Day bouquet for your bestie | DIY

After a year full of women dealing with a TON of bullshit and also uniting to stand up against it , this is definitely the year to really embrace Galentine’s Day (which, ICYMI, is the other half of Valentine’s Day, when you celebrate your love for your lady friends!) and we’re here to help. Joanna had the vision for a Galentine’s Day bouquet of sorts and together we dreamed up this whimsical, classic-with-a-modern-twist bouquet that we hope you can be inspired by and recreate for your lady loves this February.

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DIY hanging eucalyptus wreath centerpiece

DIY hanging eucalyptus wreath centerpiece for casual, low-key holiday entertaining. Get the full craft tutorial on #diywreath #christmasdDIY #christmasdecorating

For all of our previous centerpiece DIYs, we’ve typically focused on the table itself. Always on the quest for sharing an unexpected floral design with you guys, we brainstormed and decided on suspending a eucalyptus wreath from the ceiling over the dining table. Because Joanna wanted the table to feel simpler and pared down, I thought that hanging the centerpiece would be a good way to achieve that look. Plus, eucalyptus provides the most gorgeous, subtle fragrance!

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DIY // luxe Halloween centerpiece (without a single pumpkin)!

Whenever we picture any sort of floral design for October, there’s a pretty standard item that comes to mind: pumpkins. The pumpkin gets used a lot. (Editor’s note: yup, guilty and guiltier.)  Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkins – give me a nice pale orange and green, warty pumpkin or a perfect round orange pie pumpkin and I’m happy. And I love eating them. But I digress. Pumpkins can be really fun to use in arrangements, but we decided to go a more luxe route with this Halloween centerpiece DIY. The vibe is more textural and slightly creepy (think spidery seed pods and beakers-as-vases) — the perfect way to create an autumn botanical vignette for a more mature spin on Halloween!

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